Week #4 – How do you want to be remembered?

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I have to admit, I’ve never really considered how I’d like to be remembered. Obviously, I’d like to be remembered in a positive way but if someone is remembering me and not currently knowing me then I probably don’t see them, or I’m dead… so all in all how I’m remembered doesn’t really affect me directly.

That being said, this topic made me remember a heated discussion I had one night with my Dad when I was around 15. My Dad was a mean drunk and would often say things just for a reaction. On this particular occasion he said to me “you’re never going to be anything and no one will ever love you” which probably isn’t the nicest thing to say to your 15 year old daughter. Even though I knew it was the alcohol talking it still hurt and I still cried and told him that it was one of my biggest fears that I’d never be outstanding and end up being ordinary. It was something I cared about immensely (as I’m sure most teenagers do) at the time.

During that time though I wanted to be famous for something, anything really. I just wanted to leave my mark on the world in a big, well known, way.

Thinking back to that now I wonder if I was crazy because I can’t really think of anything worse. I don’t want to have to watch what I say or do or have stalkers and photographers watching my every move. I’m sort of OK with just being ordinary.

I suppose, if I really think about it, I don’t want people to remember me for something specific. I’d just like to be remembered as someone they wanted to be around and spend time with. I guess just as someone worth remembering.

Week #3 – What gift would you give a person you don’t like?

Bloggers Unite Challenges

I’ve been attempting to write this all week but what do you get for someone you don’t like? Why would you spend time, thinking of a gift for someone you don’t want to spend any time with?

That being said, a gift doesn’t always have to be a good thing, you’re not going to like everything you receive so I figured I’d give them a lump of coal to match the darkness of their soul! Muahahahahaha! Yes, I assume someone I don’t like would have a dark soul. It’s not very realistic that I’m going to give someone some coal though, even if it could be hilarious.

I think, the thing I’d give someone I don’t like would be less tangible. As I mentioned above I could give them some of my time or forgiveness or a second chance, depending on the circumstances. While those all sound great, I’m not a big forgiver as I tend to hold a grudge, for a long time and only a few people earn a second chance and well, let’s face it, I’m not going to give someone I don’t like any of my time.

The conclusion I came to is that I’d probably give someone I didn’t like some tolerance and understanding because, ultimately, everyone has reasons for being who they are and acting the way they do. Just because I don’t like something about a person doesn’t mean I can’t at least be tolerant of their choices and understand that there is probably more going on behind the scenes than I’ll ever know.

Week #2 – One of the best things about Autumn is…

Recently I joined Wanderlust, which is a nice forum with nice people doing nice things – I’m Kalliste over there, if you decide to take a look.

Currently, there is a weekly blogging challenge where you’re provided with a topic to blog about. It’s up to week 2 but it doesn’t really matter as obviously, this is only my first attempt. Go and take a look if you’re interested in joining the forum and the group.

Bloggers Unite Challenges

And onto the challenge…

“One of the best things about Autumn is…”

Initially, I thought this would be quite easy. Autumn is nice and cool (better than Summer for sure), the leaves change colour on the trees and you can eat nice warm hearty meals. Sounds ok.

Then I thought to myself that not only is Autumn nice and cool, it’s also warm and sometimes hot, but also sometimes really cold and sometimes all of that happens on the same day. I remembered how I hate getting up and dressing for a freezing morning and then being sweltering in my jumper by lunch time. So, no the weather isn’t one of the best things about Autumn.

After that I thought about how I always think about running and kicking piles of red/orange leaves everywhere! But I never actually do it, I just think about it sometimes. After thinking about it a little more I remembered the trees that line one of the streets (a big street) here. It’s about this time of year when they start dropping these little red berries. Little red berries that get slippery in the rain. Little red berries that stick in your shoes for days and days. Little red berries that make you want to end the life cycle of ALL little red berries that ever existed. The dream is that one day I’ll cut all those trees down and there will be no more little red berries causing their little red berry chaos. So, no the changing trees and leaves isn’t one of the best things about Autumn.

So, that left the delicious food options but I don’t really change what I eat in autumn and I don’t particularly like soup or roasts or anything like that and if I did, I’d probably still eat it any other time of the year. So, no the possible foods that are stamped ‘Autumn Foods’ isn’t one of the best things about Autumn.

Finally, I realised what one of the best things about Autumn is and it was so obvious I don’t know how I didn’t think of it to begin with; One of the best things about Autumn is that it includes Jarrod and my anniversary. We had a lot of fun last year when our relationship (as a couple) was just beginning and this year as we celebrated 365 days of getting to be an ‘us’. Mostly, it makes me think of how fortunate we are that we didn’t miss out on each other.

So, yes there is something I enjoy about Autumn and it makes up for all of those other things, even the berries.