Chickens Don’t Clap!

Finally, after waiting for months and months and also years and years for there to be new Arrested Development, I got to watch the 4th season over the last couple of days.

I was a bit scared to watch it in the beginning. Could it really be better than the original 3 seasons? As one of my favourite shows I was worried they’d ruin it by bringing it back (which is something I’m also scared about with the Veronica Mars movie – I backed it all the same, because it’s Veronica Mars!) and it wouldn’t be as funny or as clever.

Watching the first few episodes of Season 4 I was thinking maybe I was right and that they’d made a huge mistake. It was mostly the character introduction that did it though and I guess that was required for people just jumping on the Arrested Development bandwagon. After getting passed that and seeing the season and episodes unravel it was pretty awesome seeing how they’d planned it.

Each episode is character centric (which I’m not sure I liked but it still worked) and you really only get to see the story from their perspective until the next episode when the same events happen but revolving around a different character. As the season progresses you learn more and more about the same events and it gets smarter as more is revealed, although I’m not sure it’s as funny as it used to be.

It’s sad to see that there is very rarely any scenes or episodes based off the entire family though. The interaction between the family members is really missing and it also means no crazy parties or speeches that never happen, however many of the old running jokes were included – even if the chicken dance didn’t make an appearance, or Franklin for that matter – although the ‘Her’ Anne/Egg jokes got a bit much, and I used to love that joke! Especially Egg.

I am really hoping for a 5th season, mostly to see if they explain Lindsay’s face (because Portia De Rossi doesn’t look like that outside of Arrested Development – if it weren’t for her voice I wouldn’t have recognised her initially) and what the deal was with the ending of season 4.

Oh, and to see the return of the chicken dances!

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  1. I saw the first season or two of the show. I should check out the rest of the episodes. I’m sorry that they ruined it a little bit for you but at least you enjoyed it somewhat.

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