Recipe: Broccoli, Brie and Bacon Trivelle

Recently I stumbled upon Foodgawker and have found so many delicious things I’ve wanted to cook. I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed before now, people are making some amazing things and Foodgawker has all of it! I’ve started trying out a lot more things now because of it. Some have turned out well (like the Cookies and Cream Smoothie) and some not so well (like the 3 ingredient ‘icecream’) but it’s been fun just trying new things all the same.

One of the things I saw was a Broccoli pasta for 2 from Pinch and Swirl that looked interesting and easy. Originally, it had Walnuts in it… I decided to switch these out for Bacon and added a bit of minced garlic which ended up very tasty.

Broccoli, Brie and Bacon Trivelle

Broccoli, Brie and Bacon Trivelle

Most times that I’ve made this, I’ve put the Brie in a bit earlier and let it get all gooey and mix in with the other ingredients but this time around left it to later and didn’t allow it to melt quite as much. I think it had more flavour this way, even though I used less cheese than previous times.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can prep it all while your pasta is cooking. I place my pasta and water in the bottom of my steamer and steam the Broccoli on top which works fairly well.

Broccoli, Brie and Bacon Trivelle
Serves 2
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 150gm short pasta (I used Trivelle, but any short pasta will work)
  2. 1/2 Head of broccoli, chopped
  3. 50gm of Brie Cheese, chopped
  4. 3 rashers short cut bacon, diced
  5. 1 clove garlic, minced
  6. Olive Oil
  1. 1. Heat frying pan to medium to high heat.
  2. 2. Bring water to the boil and place pasta in the pot
  3. 3. Begin to boil or steam broccoli
  4. 4. Once broccoli is nearly ready, add bacon and garlic to the frying pan and saute, turn down heat once browned
  5. 5. Add broccoli and a dash of olive oil to the pan and mix together
  6. 6. Once pasta is cooked, drain and add to the pan, mix through ingredients, adding extra oil if required
  7. 7. Add Brie to the pan and gently mix then serve into 2 bowls.
Adapted from Pinch and Swirl
Adapted from Pinch and Swirl
Oh So Lazily

Week #9 – What Makes You Feel Wonderful

The weeks are all out of whack for the challenge but this was week #9 (and apparently I missed #8.. oops), even if it is technically week #13 or something. It’s probably not too important, right?

Bloggers Unite Challenges

This question, I’m not really sure how to answer.. do I say that every question? Maybe, however I don’t think I’ve ever stopped and thought “wow, I feel really wonderful right now”. There are things that make me feel good and happy and marvelous even! Just not wonderful.

I feel relaxed and relieved on a Friday afternoon, because it means there’s no more work for 2 days and I don’t have to wake up with an alarm or get out of bed before midday if I don’t want – I also don’t have to wash my hair if I can stand it.

I feel happiest on those weekend mornings, lying in bed, talking to Jarrod about all of the strange things we talk about and laughing with each other about our particular type of crazy and not feeling weird to be in bed, in pj’s at midday on a Saturday morning. Then starting to cook breakfast at lunch time which we’ll eat with whatever TV show we’re watching and maybe have Goodberry’s (if I can convince Jarrod that putting on jeans is worth it) for lunch at 4PM. Mmm, chocolate frozen custard delicious!

I feel intrigued when something gets delivered to me during the day at work, that I forgot I ordered. Like a little surprise present from myself. It actually happened last week. A package arrived for me that said “Printed Papers” and I thought “Huh? What is this? Printed Papers? What have I bought that contains printed papers?” It turned out to be a book… so that makes sense. I have to admit I felt a bit like an idiot for not realising that books are made from printed papers.

I feel excited when something new we decide to make turns out well (like these Cookies and Cream Smoothies – even if we used icecream instead of Frozen Yoghurt) and it becomes something we decide to make again some time.

Mostly, I’m just learning that life will probably never be exactly what I want it too be and maybe that’s just the way life is. If life is perfect, then what else do you have to live for? Inevitably, you’re going to feel happy (or even wonderful), sad and probably angry and to me, it’s more about how to deal with and work on how you feel (apparently positive thinking works wonders. I’m not quite there yet though) and getting the most out of life in general.

Beginning Crochet

Recently I decided I was finally going to learn how to crochet. I had bought a beginners kit a few months back which was not beginners in the slightest so I began looking up more basic stuff online, starting with just how to complete a Single Crochet stitch.

My first project was a scarf (of course), initially I was going to just use Single Crochet but saw a video on Extended Single Crochet and liked how that looked better so went with that.

Once that was completed, it was suggested I try learning Granny Squares to begin with but then I saw all these crazy things like Double Crochet and decided that was out of my league…

Crochet scarf and iPad cover

Crochet scarf and iPad cover

… Until today, well technically yesterday. I decided I wanted to work on creating an iPad cover and the video I saw used double crochet, if I’d looked around a bit more I would have seen easier, single crochet varieties but I wanted to learn how to crochet ‘in the round’ as well as learning double crochet at the same time.

Once I got passed the hurdle of the first row and going around to the back of my first row it was fairly easy until I noticed my seam moving in a slant instead of straight. This drove me crazy! Until I found a great video by Crochet Ever After which explained exactly the issue I was having and how to fix it.

Overall, I much prefer Crochet to Knitting although I never much took the time to knit anything other than a scarf. I find that I don’t have as many tension issues with crochet and it just feels easier. Next time I’m going to try the iPad cover again with a smaller hook (the above one was 5mm) and see if I can sort out this seam!

Reviewed: The Moon and More

The Moon and More A week before this book was released I didn’t even know about it but as soon as I heard I had to have it straight away! I usually get books from the library or buy them (if I think the’re something special) but very rarely do I read ebooks because I prefer having the physical book in front of me.

Not this time though, I had to read The Moon and More the week it was released! It was Dessen after all, I love all her books! Even if I forget them between reads and then pick up one thinking I haven’t read it and realise I have but it was just like all her other books so I forgot about it.

I was thinking the other week how Dessen is a bit like the Dan Brown of YA. They both have very popular, very formulaic books. Unlike Brown though, Dessen actually has some talent.

So, did The Moon and More keep in line with the formula? Girl with parent issues? Yup! Girl who just finished school or on summer holidays? Yup! Girl just met new/interesting/quirky/weird boy just at the exact time that she needed too? Yup! Set in the fictional town of Colby? Yup! Yup! Yup!

Even with all that, something wasn’t quite right about this book. When I first heard about the book I remember seeing Dessen write how she got inspired by a pool boy (oh yeah!) and how maybe her next book should be from the perspective of a local of Colby rather than from one of the tourists there for the summer.

I was in Emerald Isle, which is the beach town in NC that is basically my Colby, sitting by the pool at our rental house, reading a book. I heard the gate open and looked over to see a guy coming in, shirtless, with a bunch of pool cleaning equipment. He smiled, waved. “Hey, how’s it going?” he said. “Good,” I replied. “You?” And then he started talking. About the busy season, and being from Emerald Isle and what it was like to be a local in a vacation spot. He told me about his job cleaning pools, and his side job working on a charter fishing boat, all while cleaning the pool. When he left about fifteen minutes later, I thought: Well, there’s my next book. It was like he’d just walked in and handed it to me.

Maybe this is what doesn’t work. Emaline is a bit of a Colby snob to her tourist friends, often complaining that they go places she’s been going her entire life because, you know, there’s so much option in a small beachside town. This attitude and her inability to learn just isn’t interesting. No one really is. They’re not likeable either, they’re just… boring and I find myself not caring about their story.

To say I was disappointed in The Moon and More is an understatement. If I were writing a Dessen style book to describe how I feel about this book it would be called “Not Quite Right” and it would be how Colby feels old and used now. I’d be the returning summer tourist who usually greets her with a smile, now sitting her down to tell her it’s time for us to part ways. Sorry Sarah but it’s not me, it’s you.