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I very rarely buy grocery or department store soap any more.  I remember a time where I’d buy the biggest pack of the cheapest soap possible because I couldn’t see a real need to buy anything better. The dry skin feeling to cheap, chemical filled soap didn’t really matter, that is what moisturiser is for right?

Fast forward to now and I love buying beautiful soap. It started with a trip to Lush and eventually moved onto looking at all the amazing varieties available on Etsy. I have bought some excellent soap on Etsy, soaps that show a creators love for their trade. One of my favourites being a chocolate soap that looked and smelt like chocolate. It was difficult not to eat it.

Usually I like to stick to Australian sellers, I’m not sure why, mostly for the cheaper shipping probably, and I know I’ll get the product in a fairly timely manner.

Most recently I stumbled on Poured Organics Etsy store and they had a huge variety of excellent sounding soaps and I  knew I would just have to buy some. Previous to that I’d been using a non scented goats milk soap. I love goats milk soap but after 4 bars of scent free boring, you really want something a bit more interesting.

Some beautiful soaps from Poured Organics
Some beautiful soaps from Poured Organics

After buying my products and getting them shipped out I realised they have a larger range of products than just soap.. how I didn’t notice this in the beginning I don’t know, it’s right there in the menu after all! I am pretty keen to try some of the passionfruit and watermelon lip balms at some point!

Even though it was a hard decision, in the end I decided to buy the Wild Strawberry (how beautiful is that red colour?), Aloe & Tea Tree, Cranberry Fig and, on a whim, Sugar Plum Fairy Icecream. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Sugar Plum Fairy Icecream but the description said it was good enough to eat so I needed to know what that was about and added it to the order. It turns out it was my favourite scent when I received them and I ended up using it first. I thought it smelt like Redskins, which I love!

Apparently Redskins are an Australian thing so for those that have no idea what I’m talking about, this is what a Redskin looks like. It’s a chewy, delicious Raspberry flavoured candy. Basically a staple of any Aussie kid.

Delicious! Remind me to buy these next time I go shopping!
Delicious! Remind me to buy these next time I go shopping!

 When my soap turned up at work I opened up the box straight away because I was so excited to see how everything looked and smelt and to my surprise there was an extra bag that came with some free samples. One of which was the Applejack Pineapple which I wanted to buy and didn’t! So that was super exciting, unexpected and very generous of Poured Organics.

Sample soaps and a personalised label! Neat!
Sample soaps and a personalised label! Neat!

When I got home I couldn’t wait to open one of them up, ready for the shower the next day. As mentioned about the lucky winner was the Sugar Plum Fairy Icecream and I wasn’t let down, it turns out it is also a goat milk soap (which is great!) so it is soft and creamy and moisturing plus it smells great!

Overall, I’m really pleased I decided to look into different soaps this time around and found Poured Organics, their service was excellent and I received everything fast and in good condition (plus I got some freebies YAY!).

Please note: I wasn’t paid for this post, I paid for all the items myself and really just want people to hear about this lovely brand.

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  1. Totally off topic (not really) but OMG REDSKINS. I remember sneaking a whole bag under my jumper, hiding them from my teacher in class. I was pretty skinny so it was not really obvious at all. Anyway, I am sooooo glad to find a Redskin lover; most people I have met in Australia don’t really like them. I love them. I think they have recently made them a lot less sticky and easier to chew, which is great. Also, just keeping them in a warm place stops them from getting hard.

    That aside, I love the colour of the soap. It looks majestic. The Cranberry Fig one looks so yummy I could eat it.

    I personally don’t use soap, I use gels. I find that I prefer it, but I wouldn’t ever be against trying new (and organic!) soaps!

    • People not like Redskins? No way! I can’t even imagine it, they’re sooo good, if a little messy. The little ones, like in the image, are good because you don’t have to worry about accidentally eating the paper, I used to always hate when that happened.

  2. What a pleasant surprise it was to read this favourable review 🙂 I’m so glad you were happy with everything.

    I have to agree with your fragrance interpretation of Redskins (Yum, one of my favourites too!). I was getting jellybeans or fairy floss… but I think it’s definitely Redskins!

    I hope we can help you again in the future, and thanks for the beautiful review.

    Cheers, Catherine (Poured Organics)

  3. Now I’m hoping to go out and find soap like this. Don’t know if it’s available in America. Great review!

    • Poured Organics ship to the US. If you check Etsy you’ll probably also find similar products by sellers closer to home 🙂

  4. I am loving this trend of ~organic~ or homemade soaps! It feels like less chemical agents are being fed to your hands and stuff. I never heard of Redskins candy before (even though it’s from Wonkda) but it sounds delicious!

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the soap bars :D. Especially with them coming with a couple of free samples. Would you ever make your own soaps for personal use?

    • Unfortunately, it seems like Redskins are an Australian thing even though they’re owned by Wonka.
      I’ve thought of making my own soap a few times and even borrowed some soap making books from the library but always felt it was too complicated for me.

  5. The soap looks lovely! I never really thought about soap in that way. I just chuck it into my shopping basket if I like that smell – but I think tomorrow I’ll take a trip to lush! Those soaps you have look lovely, I can’t begin to imagine how nice they must smell!

  6. I love beautiful, quality soaps. I use to shop at Lush all the time and I don’t know why I stopped. Probably moving out to live on my own didn’t help. Ah well…

    Yay for free samples! That’s really kind of them to give you extra to try.

  7. That is so awesome. 😀 It’s great that people are so dedicated to making these awesome things and put so much love and care into them and they are a really great product. 😀 It’s also so awesome that the samples were included as well. 😀

    Oh redskins. 😀 I remember the good old days of going to small shops and getting so overwhelmed with which lollies I wanted in the bag (sorted by jars). Or would get a mixed bag haha.

  8. Those soaps look lovely. I recently started buying pump soap from “Bath and Body Works”. I never used to buy those kind of soaps, but they smell so wonderful! I may just have to keep buying them all the time.

  9. All of those scents sound amazing, especially the sugar plum one. Sadly I can’t use bar soap or scented soap due to my sensitive skin. I’m stuck using avenos hyper-allogeneic body wash. Which makes your skin feel amazing but no scent 🙁 I want scent damn it!!

  10. Oh, chocolate soap! I would be so in heaven. I have an idea though, that I would not be able to resist tasting it! The wild strawberry is such a beautiful color! In summer I love soaps that are strawberry scented. When I have a little extra money I will have to try some of their soaps out. I bookmarked them!

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