Beginning Crochet

Recently I decided I was finally going to learn how to crochet. I had bought a beginners kit a few months back which was not beginners in the slightest so I began looking up more basic stuff online, starting with just how to complete a Single Crochet stitch.

My first project was a scarf (of course), initially I was going to just use Single Crochet but saw a video on Extended Single Crochet and liked how that looked better so went with that.

Once that was completed, it was suggested I try learning Granny Squares to begin with but then I saw all these crazy things like Double Crochet and decided that was out of my league…

Crochet scarf and iPad cover

Crochet scarf and iPad cover

… Until today, well technically yesterday. I decided I wanted to work on creating an iPad cover and the video I saw used double crochet, if I’d looked around a bit more I would have seen easier, single crochet varieties but I wanted to learn how to crochet ‘in the round’ as well as learning double crochet at the same time.

Once I got passed the hurdle of the first row and going around to the back of my first row it was fairly easy until I noticed my seam moving in a slant instead of straight. This drove me crazy! Until I found a great video by Crochet Ever After which explained exactly the issue I was having and how to fix it.

Overall, I much prefer Crochet to Knitting although I never much took the time to knit anything other than a scarf. I find that I don’t have as many tension issues with crochet and it just feels easier. Next time I’m going to try the iPad cover again with a smaller hook (the above one was 5mm) and see if I can sort out this seam!