Category: goalified

  • Health kick start Version ∞ + 1.2

    Here I am again, at the beginning (ish) of another attempt to be fit and healthy. I took at look at my ‘Goalified’ category and found that the first time around I did this was back in January of 2009. That’s the first time in my archives anyway. It also had the same title as […]

  • Moving toward debt free

    At the beginning of this year I didn’t take much responsibility for the money I had or where it was going. I would put the bare minimum on my debts and spend the rest on things that didn’t matter. I never had a lot of money and just figured that is how life was, struggling […]

  • And out of the blue she returned

    Yes, it’s me and not some spambot. Promise, or maybe I’m an especially good spambot… but probably not. What it actually seems like is that I decided on my return today after nearly 12 months without a peep. It’s actually been a crazy 12 months, the most productive and life changing I may have ever […]

  • Back on the horse or bike…

    Or whatever that saying is. I’ve started my weight loss journey… again. I tend to get back up to approximately the same weight and decide it is time to start losing again. If only I wasn’t so predictably lazy. I am really trying this time, up until 3 days ago I hadn’t eaten a piece […]

  • Of Baby Steps and Trends

    I’ve made it to my first weight loss goal. I’m going in 5kg (11lbs) blocks and have another 5 of them to go… I’m finding it easier to have smaller goals because at least they come and go relatively quickly. I think I would have given up by now if I was only seeing the […]