Into Perspective

Yesterday I had a splurge day. It started with a ‘grande’ Hot Chocolate in the morning (the weather is about 25 degrees colder than this time last week… weird right?) combined with a little Baci thing… then lunch was Sweet and Sour Pork (although too heavy on the sweet!) and dinner was pizza… a FULL pizza (although, I forgot to ask for minus the capsicum ick). So yes, bad bad day but it did help me see just how much food can effect your wait.
I put on 500gms yesterday alone! Because of it I’ve actually put on weight this week rather than losing it… it makes me realise just why I got the way I did because I used to eat the above stuff every weekend if not a couple of days a week. It really has amazed me!

So, it’s put my weight loss stuff into perspective and given me a jolt of motivation when all I wanted to do is watch some DVDs ๐Ÿ™‚

January 09: The things you didn’t read

Although I posted 7 times in January (more than any month since ‘restarting’) there were still some things left too say.

All made up.
Lazily got a make over and the first layout without any copyright infringements (celebrity images) since nearly the beginning. I really enjoy it, I feel like the tone of my posts have changed and I’m putting more effort into them rather than relying on pretty pictures.

Feed me!
Edit: With thanks to Katy my feed now works! YAY

I learned a few things about RSS feeds this month (well… this week) and put a swish little button over there ——> about it. I don’t overly like feeds but I know there are those that do and for some reason my feed is still a bit broken (a feed doesn’t get picked up if you just get readers to look at not sure why, any suggestions?) but is more fixed than before. Although I say I don’t much like them they have been handy in this hot hot weather we’re having… with one click I see who has updated and then get the hell away from the computer lol

I became four-eyed this month. My eyes have been disintigrating since 2007 but I didn’t do anything about it until now. It amazes me how bright and sharp the world really is.

Health Kick update
Since implementing my health kick I am gradually exercising more and eating less or substituting foods for other foods and eating lower fat. Something is working as I’ve lost just over 3KG (6.6Lbs) and am hoping to continue ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling uplifted
I feel very positive at the moment. Yes, some days at work I’d love to stab someone in the eye with a fork but the people are quite forgiving – perhaps because they’re prone to frequent moodiness – and although everyone harps on about how damn stressful it is, it’s nothing compared to Teletech. I’m having a lot of fun with 2009 and hope it is my year. My time for opportunities!

Here’s hoping February is just as fun and eventful ๐Ÿ™‚

Health kick start Version โˆž + 1

Yes, it’s that time again. That time where I say “I’m going to lose weight and get fit and be healthy!” and actually put a little bit of effort into it. It is somewhat different to the “I want to lose weight” time of year because I generally am scoffing my face with chocolate when at that time of year (probably around easter… my health kickstart’s always break around easter – M&M mini eggs are just too good!).

So, I hear you ask “why is this time any different?” and good question. Here is my impromptu list:

1. My bathroom scales are not lodged under my bed anymore in an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of way. They sit there, sturdy, in the bathroom and glare at me which gives me the motivation to actually use them. So I have now started a routine of using them while waiting for the hot water to heat up in my shower.

2. My world is vastly different to my other attempts. I no longer work in an unhealthy, over the top stress-wise workplace. There are no vending machines and the only goodies everyone has is from the Turkish takeaway (which generally includes salad) and cakes on birthdays (I do love cake days! hee). I also MOVE in this job, no headsets tying me down.

3. Work and home are close. This is translated as: I walk home from work. YES and the most excellent motivator here is that it takes me the same amount of time to walk as it does to catch the bus because they suck!

4. Colleague encouragement. I guess this could have gone into point 2 but I forgot. At work right now there is a pedometer club/group/party (depending on who you talk too) happening. The challenge is to walk more steps than anyone else! One of the girls had done 7000 by lunch time on Friday… not only is it a fun incentive, it’s amazing to see how much movement actually goes on! I bought my pedometer yesterday and although it was a lazy day (I did go for a walk in the afternoon though) I walked 7000+ steps and found out that my walk in itself is 4000 of those.

So, the only issue to tackle is snacking at home. Right now there is a plethora of goodies sitting in the fridge and all I want to do is gobble them all down! But I haven’t, and although Flake is a most wonderful thing, I turned it down. Which, is DEFINITELY a first for me.

Lastly, what do I want from this? Well, I’d like to be able to go shopping and not be a ‘plus size’ and know that there will be nice things in my size. I’d also love to not have DD/E boobs… I yearn for my C’s of old. I want to be able to go for a ride or a jog or whatever and not feel like I’m about to die! And lastly, I’d like to appreciate healthy food…

… I think I can do it this time! Here’s hoping anyway ๐Ÿ™‚