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  • Into Perspective

    Yesterday I had a splurge day. It started with a ‘grande’ Hot Chocolate in the morning (the weather is about 25 degrees colder than this time last week… weird right?) combined with a little Baci thing… then lunch was Sweet and Sour Pork (although too heavy on the sweet!) and dinner was pizza… a FULL […]

  • January 09: The things you didn’t read

    Although I posted 7 times in January (more than any month since ‘restarting’) there were still some things left too say. All made up. Lazily got a make over and the first layout without any copyright infringements (celebrity images) since nearly the beginning. I really enjoy it, I feel like the tone of my posts […]

  • Health kick start Version ∞ + 1

    Yes, it’s that time again. That time where I say “I’m going to lose weight and get fit and be healthy!” and actually put a little bit of effort into it. It is somewhat different to the “I want to lose weight” time of year because I generally am scoffing my face with chocolate when […]