Reviewed: Feeling Sorry for Celia

Feeling Sorry for Celia (Ashbury/Brookfield, #1)Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t expect to love it this much but when I saw that it was written entirely through letters I had to give it a try.

Feeling Sorry for Celia is the story of Elizabeth, Celia’s best friend, who has to deal with Celia disappearing on occasion and not telling anyone. Celia is her best, and only, friend so when she leaves Elizabeth has to cope with her worry about Celia and her bizarre family by herself.

Enter in Christina, Elizabeth’s new penpal from a neighbouring school. Even though they don’t know each other they begin to confide in each other through their letters.

I really loved that this book was entirely written through letters between the character, with Elizabeth’s Mum’s being my favourite. The characters are interesting and caring (mostly) and make you want to really wish you were friends with them.

One of my favourites for the year I think.

… just realised this is #1 in a series of books! I’ll have to find out about the rest!
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Reviewed: The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, #1)The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was recommended to me by a friend. I was told that I didn’t need to have read Jane Eyre previously to understand the book but I’m really glad I read it first. As far as I’m concerned you definitely need to have read Jane Eyre first otherwise the biggest plot of the book won’t even matter to you.

This book took me quite a long time to get interested in. I think it was the complete lack of knowing what was going on. Most of the time it didn’t make any sense. I got a little giggle at some pop culture references but many I didn’t understand or care enough about.

I didn’t particularly care about Thursday either. She didn’t make me feel sympathetic to her issues and where her life had ended up. I was more interested in Landen and would love to have seen a day with her Dad. Now he seemed like a character I could get interested in.

Then here is Hades, he could have been an excellent villain but he really wasn’t fleshed out. He was just a bit crazy and mostly a sociopath, which is something I usually love in a villain but he just wasn’t well written.

Overall the book was a good read but I probably wouldn’t pick it up again and if it hadn’t been recommended to me probably would never have read it in the first place. The pace just wasn’t fast enough for me.

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Where did that month go now?

Oh my, it has been an age since I’ve been able to sit in front of a computer and just relax. The only reason I’m doing it right now is that one of my tools has decided to stop working and I can’t work for the second but I’m hoping it comes back soon. I was on a roll!

March was hectic, although it was mainly just work, food, sleep and repeat.

At work we have a leaderboard system and every month the top 3 people on the leaderboard (for that month) get a bonus. This month I strived for 1000 points (each call I take is worth 1 point and each ticket I resolve is 1 point) and… I got it! My highest point was 1031 which was a record for the company. So, they arranged a little surprise for me. I got my bonus ($300, yeah!) and also received a $200 voucher for a massage place called Orchid Essence. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! I’ve never, ever had a professional massage before so this is going to be awesome and I might get a thing or two waxed while I’m there… probably just my eyebrows.

And that wasn’t all. I also got a little gift basket of chocolates from my team leader for my effort. So, needless to say I’m feeling pretty good about work right now. For the first time in, well, ever I actually feel appreciated at my work place. Last month 4 managers (at separate times) told me how much they love my work and and happy I’m in the company. It was all kinds of awesome. I’ve never had a CEO tell me I rock before!

I think they were building me up for next week though. One person resigned and his last day was today and another guy went MIA this week. Seriously, incommunicado! It is the strangest thing, they have tried multiple ways of contacting him (including calling his Mum) and nothing. Oh, and did I mention they made a whole team redundant and gave us their work! It is all kinds of scary.

Speaking of the guy that resigned. We had his farewell drinks yesterday afternoon and it was actually really great, I was kind of dreading it – given that most the people I work with are complete nerds – and I had a couple of drinks which is a first in I don’t know how many months. Granted, it may not have been the smartest thing considering I started work at Midnight and had a 12 hour shift but whatever, I’ll get over it.

In between all the chaos I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading but Cleopatra: A Life kind of bogged me down. One hard read. Glad I experienced it, but glad it is over.

Now, it is working again! Back to work.

Reviewed: Cleopatra: A Life

Cleopatra: A LifeCleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was all kinds of disappointing. When I saw Stacy Schiff on The Jon Stewart Show discussing the book I was really excited to read it and requested it from my library straight away.

Unfortunately, rather than getting a interesting book about the life of Cleopatra I ended up with a poorly written and editted book about Rome and Caesar and Marc Antony.

I couldn’t believe how much this book was about Rome. I understand Rome was a part of Cleopatra’s life but many of the chapters were irrelevant to her. I was so happy when Caesar finally died but then the book became all about Marc Antony instead and you know what? I think I’d love to read a book about him but that isn’t why I chose to read this book.

I found it very hard to read and stay interested. I had to re-read pararaphs to grasp what Schiff actually meant.

Overall a frustrating and dull read.

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Reviewed: Bright Young Things

Bright Young ThingsBright Young Things by Anna Godbersen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was so excited to begin reading this book. It was a return to my guilty pleasure; YA fiction which was a nice change from all of the classics I’ve been reading.

Unfortunately, Bright Young Things is written in the new YA style, that is the bad style or as I like to call it the “Stephanie Meyer style”. It is quite sad these days to go to the bookstore and check out the YA shelf to find that most of the new titles are about vampires and guardian angels and werewolves and everything supernatural. I yearn for the days of coming of age titles where there was no mystery or murder and no one had any super powers. I blame Twilight for this! Curse you Stephanie Meyer!

Fortunately for me, Bright Young Things didn’t include too many Topaz eyes or irresistible scents and had something that resembled a plot so I was able to finish it and not feel like I had wasted my time.

Bright Young Things is set in 1929 and is the story of Cordelia and Letty who have run away from hicksville (Union, Ohio) to the Big smoke (Manhattan) to become famous! For me, everything falls into place far to easily. The girls barely have to try to get settled even though they had never seen anything like Manhattan before.

For me, Cordelia’s chapters are the hardest too take. I really couldn’t stand the character or the decisions she made and I found myself wishing for a Letty or Astrid bit with every new paragraph. I was really cheering on Letty though and hoping everything would work out for her.

I loved the setting. 1920’s America has always held a bit of a fascination for me and I think I’d love to go back in time and be a Flapper. It seemed like such a good age to be alive… until the depression that is. But, luckily for me, Bright Young Things doesn’t go there and keeps us in the Roaring Twenties… for now anyway. I kind of can’t wait for the sequel!

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