More of the same

Recently as I was walking to work I noticed a taxi driver pull into McDonalds drive-thru and I wondered if I were in the same situation (that of being a taxi driver) would I do the same? I think if I had a drive around all day for a living I’d do whatever I could to get out of that car for lunch. Even if just to sit on a bench and eat a sandwich.

I’d even do that now if I could find somewhere to sit. Each lunch I leave the office and go for a walk just to get away from the artificial lighting and air. The fresh air makes me feel so much lighter and clears my head.

I know there are complete opposites though. I would say that 75% of the other people at work barely even see the daylight and go home and sit on their computers all night and then go back to work to sit on a computer all day. I just can’t do that… it hurts my head.

That being said, I’ve spent a good amount of the weekend here ๐Ÿ˜€ I think it is the knowledge that I have a 4 day weekend and have a chance to do other things later in the day. Also the fact that the weather has been crap and made me sad. And that I can’t beat Deadwood in Drawn to Life.

Given the option, do you spend your time outside of work doing something different or are you happy to do more of the same?