Oh Darcy, you lovely man!

Yes, I have finished it and I promise this will be the last of the Darcy posts (here and here) unless of course you like them that is. Well, then I could probably go on all day about him.

Anyway, yes, have finished. I will say it was hard work. The language is incredible and I was sometimes so lost in conversations that I would need to go back and re-read 5 pages to realise who was speaking to who and which dialogue belonged to which character. Also, I continued to wonder “Why is Jane always referred to as Miss Bennet, when the other sisters aren’t?” and “what does &c. mean at the end of all their letters?”. Mind boggling to say the least!

Now, while I did enjoy Mr Darcy, I have to say I don’t believe I ever swooned. I’m still surprised there isn’t more Bingley or Wickham love. Darcy was more of a nagging thought that a physical being. I think I’d have loved to read the book in Darcy’s point of view… is there such a book because I think it would be highly entertaining? Possibly filled with much inner dialogue and the continuous reminders and I imagine they’d going a little something like this: “Stay calm! Yes, they’re all so very stupid but just… stay… calm. You can leave in 10 minutes. Yes, leave in 10 minutes! Oh, what a thought! I don’t think I could bear another minute with this ghastly Mrs Bennet! How does Miss Bennet and Elizabeth do it? Honestly! Oh, here she is again! Stay calm… you can do it Darcy!”

… it had to be said.

I do love him I think though, he is just such an adorable man with high morals and overly just shy. So, while I don’t swoon I’d have no objections to being Elizabeth ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, finally I can close the book and return this unsightly edition back to the library. I am considering buying it actually. I went to the local second hand today who didn’t have an individual copy but did have a Penguin Classics Austen boxset! It was all very exciting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it at the time but soon…

… although perhaps I should read some more Austen before making that decision. Maybe I’m tainted by Wickham and Darcy.

The Darcy Effect

Today I finished watching the miniseries Lost in Austen with Jemima Rooper. It is a very cheesy, chick flick style mini series. Every girls dream that suddenly they are transported back in time and take Elizabeth Bennet’s place in Pride and Prejudice. I have to admit that I don’t recall watching Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice and swooning, in fact I don’t recall seeing it at all or reading the book so these characters were pretty new too me.

All that being said, I think I have been struck down with the Darcy effect. Oh my, but Elliot Cowan was lovely! I loved his glares and looks of frustration and confusion. I don’t know if he would be considered in the rank of Colin Firth but I think he was incredible.

So why is it that we all swoon over the the mean Mr Darcy? Why is it he that thousands of women fantasise over than, perhaps, the lovely Mr Bingley? He is a kind, wealthy man that thinks with his heart! What’s not to love?

I couldn’t say, though I never once thought of Mr Bingley… not after seeing Darcy anyway.

So now that I have Darcy fever I am getting the book from the library and looking for any film adaptions ๐Ÿ˜€ I think I am obsessed after just a few stares and snarks. I can’t help but wonder what the book Darcy will bring for me.