Fire, exclamation mark.

And that will only be hilarious to people that have seen the IT Crowd. Best. episode. ever.

But back to the actual point. I was cruising along at work on my last 12 hr shift (midnight to midday) and decided I’d like something to eat. It was about 3:30am which seem as good a time as any but it wasn’t to be because as I was about to do it the fire alarm went off! Fortunately, my security pass has the instructions on what to do in this case. Although, I think they were the instructions for business hours not weekends at 3am. So I sit and wonder if it will turn off or if the beep, beep, beep will continue forever. It didn’t, it became the scary wooop, wooop of “get the hell out! We’re on fire!” and then a strange english man recording came on the PA and told me to calmly evacuate and go to the designated evacuation point.

So I calmly packed my stuff and walked out but didn’t know where the evacuation point was. I was told it is actually a block away! There was no way I was walking down there at 3:30am. So I waited outside for the fire brigade to come and fortunately, our technically minded people had been working down at the data centre (about 5mins drive away from the office) and had just finished up when this all occurred. So they also turned up and kept me company as the firemen went through and pretended to inspect the building.

I say pretend because they didn’t actually have full access to the building, including the floor they believed the issue to be on! They also didn’t talk to us or tell us what was going on. The simply, turned the alarm off and left. We assumed it was safe to enter. Which, 6hrs later, it appears it was.

I will say, that I was afraid to turn the sandwich press on for fear of sparking the smoke detectors and having the issue happen again. Stupid? Sure, but you never know.


At my work we don’t get a lot of discounts or cost price offers – I was, I’ll admit, hoping for really cheap domain names but it wasn’t to be – however, something we DO get is a few free hosting accounts to play with.

I have a reseller Plesk plan – something which I’d never heard of, let alone used before working there. For any hosts in ‘this’ community. Is there a reason that everyone uses cPanel instead of Plesk? – and I host someone on it! It was one of the first accounts I’ve set up and it was a bit scary.

So, that being said, you should all go visit Brooke and commend her for using Plesk ๐Ÿ˜€ It was actually an awesome endeavour for Brooke and I. Brooke was stuck on Byethost who was having all sorts of issues so in a split second decision I said “You’re coming with me!” and before she could say no I provided her with her control panel and FTP details ๐Ÿ™‚ and then, this is where the magic happens, without actually being able to see anything on the site I was able to upload WordPress but (oh no!) I couldn’t install it. Never fear though! Brooke was able to update her Hosts file (which, if you’ve never heard of before and would love to be able to work on your site on a new server and make sure it works before updating your nameservers, you should google) but I wasn’t able too… Windows 7 doesn’t like letting people change it and I talked her through the install and then abracadabra! It all worked ๐Ÿ™‚

Is that the success of the title? Well, it is only one of them! Well, the other freebie we get is a VPS!! Yesterday, mine was provisioned and it is finally working (I had a heap of problems on the first platform they gave me, so they bumped me up to a vmware VPS instead) and… AND! Lazily is now coming to you from it.

I used the WHM migration tool and it worked first time and properly! YAY, success! (there you go)

Not only that, but I made some cool nameservers for myself:

Coolest ever right?

Could this be the one?

On my last post it was mentioned how people generally wouldn’t want to do the graveyard shift in an office by themselves because it is scary. Overall, I’ve really liked this shift and kind of like that there is no one else in the office at the same time as me. It is peaceful and I don’t have to worry about who will bother me today. All in all, bliss. Well, except today… 3hrs in and I am fading already… only 5 hours to go!

So, I am able to get a bus in on this shift and the strange thing I have noticed is that my local bus has had middle aged women driving it each night. Now, I will happily walk the 20mins home at 12:30am in the dark and I will also wait at the bus interchange at 10:50pm waiting on my bus but I’m not sure I would be willing to drive a bus around the suburbs near my house without someone else around. It is strange to me that the bus company puts women on these routes at this time without any support. I wonder how much they think about it everytime they make a stop. What are the odds that this person may be the one to pull a knife or threaten them?

Heres hoping they never know the answer to that question.

Phantom Pony

Currently, on the graveyard shift, I am alone in the office much of the time. That is, up until the person before me leaves at midnight and the 8am starter gets in, I am alone in the dark in a 4 storey office building. Did I mention it has been storming for the entire time I’ve been doing this shift? It is the perfect setting for a thriller movie. There is even a fluro light that flashes.

On this shift I generally only have 2 sets of lights on. One in my office and one in the break room. There is also a small trail going to the front of the office. Earlier, I was walking back from the toilet (it is OUTSIDE the office, I have to go into the foyer just to go to the toilet! Each time I am scared the door won’t open for my pass and I’ll be standing out there with no shoes and only a security pass to my name) and as I walked into the main office I noticed a shady looking figure on the other side of the room out of the corner of my eye.

I tried to take a better look but I didn’t have my glasses and I had just put eye drops in and everything was a bit blurry. As my heart raced I wondered if it were an intruder, or was it a ghost, or was it something else?

I crept a little closer and as I inched my way over I noticed it was bright pink and was in fact sitting on a desk. What was it? It was a huge My Little Pony stuffed toy sitting on someones desk.

And I ask myself “Who the hell keeps oversized stuffed toys on their desk??”

To the grave

I am currently in hour two of my second graveyard shift at work. Leading up to this shift I was dreading the hours as I can’t even remember the last time I was still awake at 5AM having not slept the night before. Back in my clubbing and heavy drinking days.. back in those long lost days of teenagehood. Up until recently, the idea of being awake at 2am was a foreign concept to me… perhaps I was becoming a bit of an old fogey.

So, you see what a shift this was going to be for me? Going to work at midnight!?! Yikes, what a world I live in now. I did it though and you know what? It was actually incredibly easy. It wasn’t until about 6:30 that I started feeling it and just wanted to be in bed but then my colleague who took over at 8AM brought me in some breakfast so it was kind of worthwhile ๐Ÿ™‚

What things would you do on this type of shift so that you stay awake and occupied? Unfortunately tonight there is no milk! I was going to have a scheduled Hot Chocolate and later on a scheduled Chocolate Milk shake… luckily McDonalds is 24/7 around the corner and I got a shake from there.

Anyway, I think I am rambling so I will stop while I am ahead and hope you have some advise on keeping the boredom away.