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Jane EyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved the style of this book. I was concerned that given the time period it was written in it would be hard to understand and I’d have to read each page 5 times to understand what was happening. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do that… although Jane did tend to ramble on occasion and I felt like skipping parts.

I loved the beginning of this book, of learning about Jane and all the trials she had to get through but eventually everything started getting a bit unreal. I found myself enjoying the book but finding it a little too unbelievable. Some of the events were so unlikely that I couldn’t imagine even one of them happening to someone let alone someone having all of them happen to her.

I would definitely read this again but I won’t take it as seriously.

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4 responses to “Reviewed: Jane Eyre”

  1. What did you find unbelievable? Jane Eyre is probably my favorite book. I have read it at least three or four times. I just love the story so much. I’ve even watched probably every version of the movie that has been made so far to see how closely they follow the story.

    • I thought the beginning was great and all the struggles and everything she went through and finally, a bit of happiness!

      It was after that, how she happened to find that family (don’t want to spoil anyone too much) and her uncle and “Sir” It seemed to be all chaos and perseverance getting her through and then suddenly everything comes together too conveniently.

  2. Jane Eyre was one of the books I liked quite a bit as a high school senior. It is kind of weird how everything falls into place too well at the end. But nevertheless, it was a very heartwarming tale.

    I stopped thinking that that was weird when I read the book Wide Sargasso Sea, which tells of Mr. Rochester’s experiences of meeting and marrying his first wife.

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