Recently I stumbled upon The SITS girls, I can’t even remember how now, but their aim is to give women bloggers tips and ideas on how to improve their blogs while getting to know each other. They have regular, interesting blog posts as well as forums and link ups.

Anyway, one thing they also do is a 31 days of writing feature where they provide 31 prompts for bloggers to post about throughout the month. Obviously, the idea is to blog about each one each day but you can pick and choose how many you’d like to do. I decided to join in for July, mostly to see how I go and whether I can make it to the end of the month. I really like the ideas for July and anticipate that I will complete about 15 of them. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’re going to join in!

That brings me to day 1: 

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

When I originally thought of what power I’d choose I instantly thought of invisibility. I can imagine enjoying just disappearing whenever I needed a few moments to myself. It would definitely be very useful at work that’s for sure.

This morning though, I was reading Amanda’s blog post where the question was posed “Fly like a bird or teleport?” and she chose teleporting with some very convincing reasons as to why. For that reason, I decided to change my answer. Sure, I’d miss out on skulking around invisible but what does that matter if instead I can teleport anywhere I want to? I also imagine being a bit Nightcrawler-esque and disappearing in a puff of smoke, although it wouldn’t be all that useful when I was trying to make a quiet getaway, maybe I can choose when I want to be a bit dramatic.

Bamf indeed! And then he’s gone. So, cool.
Bamf indeed! And then he’s gone. So, cool.

I think this would also be pretty useful when going out to a party and having a few drinks, no need to catch the bus or pay for a cab; Whenever you decide you want to go home you can simply just teleport there. It’s also useful if the party happens to run low on supplies “oh no, we’re out of vodka!” “No worries, I’ll just go grab my bottle from home” and then 30 seconds later the party is ok again, because there is nothing worse than running out of vodka.

There really are just so many reasons that teleportation is a superior power, especially if you have the power but still need to live an ordinary life. I’d love to be able to get up a bit later in the morning because I didn’t have to commute to work and it would be a lot easier and faster to travel to new places and you probably wouldn’t need a passport – sneaky.

6 responses to “Superhero!”

    • Hmm, techically maybe not but what if your power was the ability to clone yourself? And your clone could do all the boring things 😀

  1. I like the teleporting idea. Its a cool super power. The Harry Potter characters that can disapperate (I think I’m spelling that right) bring a whole new realm of coolness. I would still choose eternal life though. Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours. Happy writing.

  2. Oh, definitely, it would be teleporting. Drivers are crazy out there. If I could go places without having to travel in a car…on the road…I would be all over that.

    I love SITS and the bloggers I have met there. Great people! I am just learning my way around SITS, but I thought there was a forum there. But I cannot find it all now. There even seems to be a link to it, but there is nothing there. Do you or anyone else know what happened to it?

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