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It’s been nearly a month since I last posted. I was able to write 9 posts in July, even though I anticipated 15 this is still much more than I’ve posted in a long time. Having the SITS girls prompts were really helpful and in some cases I ended up not needing them.

I wanted to use them again for August but for most of August I still had a cold. Up until last week I was still sick from back then, it held onto me for about 5 weeks which drove me pretty crazy.

During that time I mostly just watched tv, did things on YouTube and ate a bunch of junk because that’s what I needed to feel better. I also started posting more regularly on Previously. TV which is an awesome site for all things current TV and some things older TV. They have a pretty decent forum which I’m now a moderator of! I haven’t been a mod of a forum for about 10 years so it’s a bit strange and fun at the same time. If you like talking about your favourite TV shows then you should go and take a look.

I also went up to Sydney for work at the beginning of August and I’m going back next week. Last time we went up in a mega stretch limo, in theory that is awesome, in reality not so much. It was pretty uncomfortable and took hours to get to the hotel. After that we had 2 very long days, we checked in at 4PM, left for the pre-arranged dinner at 6 and that started the sleep, work, dinner, sleep cycle for those days.. very long and exhausting, probably why I ended up being sick again when I got back. I’ll probably have a post dedicated to my Sydney visits when I get back next week.

Mostly I considered blogging but didn’t have the energy to do it, I just wanted to sleep for much of the time but hopefully I am full recovered from that now and can get back into it all for September.

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  1. It sucks that you had a cold. I hate being ill as it really affects my motivation to do anything. Especially blogging. I hope you are better now though. 🙂

    Please take some pictures in Sydney and make me jealous! I will visit there, some day!

  2. I have been sick with a cold that turned to whooping cough after a week, I feel for you. It sucks being sick. Especially for an extended period of time. They call the whooping cough the 100 day cough, I am not looking forward to the days I have left with it…

    I have a hard time posting every day and finding things to write about. I have found some good prompts and sometimes use them but try to just write whatever comes to mind. Which is sometimes hard.

    I have been watching a lot of TV and mostly Netflix since we have no cable. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to relax and recover when you are not feeling so well. I bookmarked to check out tomorrow for something to do.

    Hopefully this time in Sydney might be more relaxed for you and not so stressful, looking forward to the pictures, I have never been there but have always wanted to go.

  3. It always sucks to have a cold, especially when it takes ages to recover from it. D: I do hope you’re going to feel better and have enough energy for september.

  4. Hope you start to feel better soon! The summertime colds are always the worst. It especially sucks when you’re traveling and working and not feeling well. I agree with you when it comes to limos. Some are just too darn big and it feels weird to drive in them, haha. Safe travels!

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