Celebrating the 4th – Australian style

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Day 5: Tell us about your July 4th celebration.

So, obviously, it isn’t day 5. I was going to skip this prompt because, as an Australian, the 4th of July is just another day for me. For some reason though, this year I had two 4th of July/American themed celebrations. Considering it isn’t a day of much significance here that was a bit odd so I figured I’d tell you all about what I did and you can laugh at the stereotypes we have of Americans.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many pictures as I didn’t see much use for them – until now – and well, most of the food was deep fried into oblivion. I do wish I’d gotten a photo of the spread at work though, it was quite cute.

So, on Thursday afternoon at work I was telling one of my colleagues how I was going to a 4th of July party on Friday which had, what we consider, American foods. I wasn’t sure why we were doing it but one of my friends has a soft spot for all things American and was hosting the show. He had a full menu sorted for us and there were, seemingly, never ending alcoholic slushies. So, win win. My colleague kind of rolled his eyes and couldn’t work out why we were celebrating another country’s holiday, then 2hrs later my work was hosting a 4th of July afternoon drinks.. coincidence? Considering he arranges these things, I think not.

I was prepared then for endless eating of pizza, burgers and hot dogs.

And that is how the work events started, we could grab a drink and then swarm down on the food. We had mini hotdogs (with ketchup, American mustard – is American mustard, just called mustard in America? – and bacon.. mmm bacon), beef sliders and pepperoni pizza. All of them really well made and the rolls were delicious and surprisingly filling, I had a few and felt fine and then 15mins later thought I was going to explode.

After that I left work, and struggled to walk up to Jarrod’s work (so.. full..) where we were getting a lift out to the party.

We arrived at the party and were promptly handed drinks (our host is good like that) and started snacking on some chips.. probably a bad idea considering the plethora of food to come.

While we waited, we got to watch our chef for the night (sort of) preparing a bunch of things for us, starting off with jalapeño dip which scared me immensely, especially when he also started adding avocado and sour cream.. Funnily enough it tasted pretty mild and decent, all things considered. Meanwhile the slushies flowed, right into our bellies, mmm blue.

We then started on the cheese kransky’s, I’m not sure if this is an american thing or just because we wanted cheese kransky’s, either way. Delicious.

Then came the Frickles, I actually had no idea what a frickle was prior to the party, I sort of wish I didn’t know now. Although I like pickles, I do not like frickles, well not these ones anyway. I don’t even know what I didn’t like about them, just.. no.

Our Frickles looked and tasted like this, which is apparently a good thing

Our Frickles looked and tasted like this, which is apparently a good thing

One of the more interesting things of the night were the deep fried chicken wings. Normally you wouldn’t call a chicken wing interesting, but our host had accidentally used icing sugar instead of flour in his batter so they were quite sweet and unusual.

These were followed up by corn with a nice butter, ribs and more sliders with chipotle fries.. except the fries had paprika in them, which was a sore point for our chef. I barely got through the sliders, they were the best thing of the night too I was just so full by that point I couldn’t eat another thing.

All the while, we watched/listened to a flash back friday music video show (which I was surprisingly good at guessing/remembering the years the songs came out) while drinking, chatting, fighting for the couch (once you get the couch, you basically can’t move, otherwise someone else will steal it) and having a good time. As far as 4th of July is concerned, it was pretty decent.

So, tell me, how did we do in our many courses of American food? Was it sort of accurate, not at all or completely? What did we miss that you’d suggest?

A Day in the Life: February 2014

I’m a day late for this again, for some reason I thought it landed on Saturday this time but it was actually meant to be 7/2 – a Friday – maybe I will just always be a day late. This part of Manda’s A Day in the Life link up. My previous entries can be found here.

Either way, this time around the account isn’t very interesting. If I told you all about Friday I would have documented a bad day at work and Saturday I stayed at home hiding from the sun. I also have no photos this time around because there wasn’t much of anything to take photos of.

After a terrible week back at work after taking leave I was looking forward to the weekend, although this really started on Monday – I really didn’t want to go back to work.

My day began with a late sleep in because not having an alarm to wake up to is one of the joys of the weekend. I lay about in bed for a while and thought about all the things I probably wouldn’t do for the day. In the end, we did go outside briefly to get some food and stuff but mostly we hid away inside because it was going to be another hot day.

I washed my hair because we were going out, normally I wouldn’t on a Saturday but it was looking, and feeling, a bit gross.. Ever since getting my haircut a few weeks ago it’s been getting greasy really easily and I’m not sure why.

The drink was quite a highlight, a local cafe nearby does an excellent thick shake so we bought one each plus a piece of Mars Bar Cheesecake and made our way home. The Mars Bar cheesecake was a bit of a disappointment, it looked a lot like this (but this isn’t the actual one, as I said.. didn’t take any photos) and had a chocolate base, cheesecake section and what tasted like mousse on the top. In theory, it sounds awesome but in reality it was pretty plain.

Good thing we had the thickshakes to keep us happy.

The afternoon was spent lounging around on my laptop and also reading some of my current book, Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I’ve read it before and really like it but find I’ve been struggling my way through it this time around. So, I decided to get back into it and red about 80 pages because giving up and having a nap.

Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road

After the nap and some further reading I came back to the world of the internet and looked up some recipe/how to videos on YouTube and wanted to make them all, but then remembered I’m pretty lazy when it comes to that stuff. So, instead of making some extravagant dinner we just made a meal with chicken and vegetables and sat down to watch Batman Begins.

Originally, it took me 3 attempts to watch this movie because I kept falling asleep and well, now I can see why. Half the movie is just character building and so dull and really.. do we actually believe Bruce Wayne/Christian Bale was turning 30? We estimated that he looked closer to 40 , the funny thing is that at the time it was released Christian Bale was only 30.. oops, sorry Christian. I also realised that Batman Begins was made in 2005 and this means I’ve been complaining about Christian Bale as Batman for 9 years and after the re-watch I still don’t like him. Also, why is he scared of bats? I know, fell down a well and a bunch of bats fluttered all over him.. so terrifying. I’d probably be more scared of falling down holes – you know, the actual thing that hurt him – than a bunch of bats. And don’t even get me started on what they did to the Batmobile..

To me, Michael Keaton is the best Batman.

Anyway, moving along.. there was icecream involved with watching the movie so that was nice.

The night ended with doing some more internet things and going to bed, so yes, a mostly non eventful day.