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  • Now is no time to hyperventilate

    My last day is over. It is only the 2nd time in my life that I have resigned from a job (which isn’t saying much considering I’m about to start the 4th one) and I felt very strange and unsure what to do and there was lots of hugging or awkward should we or should […]

  • Joys of Technology

    We all know that technology is a wonder. I know I lived in a time before Mobiles, internet and even mp3s but I wonder how I would survive without it now. Especially the internet, I shudder to think. As with the joys comes the lows of technology. Ever email or text someone and get that […]

  • History in the making

    Today, for the first time in Australian history we have a female prime minister. It is a fairly big event but I can’t help but be let down. The media is making a huge deal out of it but really, we didn’t vote for her, the Labor party voted for her. I think I’ll be […]