Health kick start Version ∞ + 1

Yes, it’s that time again. That time where I say “I’m going to lose weight and get fit and be healthy!” and actually put a little bit of effort into it. It is somewhat different to the “I want to lose weight” time of year because I generally am scoffing my face with chocolate when at that time of year (probably around easter… my health kickstart’s always break around easter – M&M mini eggs are just too good!).

So, I hear you ask “why is this time any different?” and good question. Here is my impromptu list:

1. My bathroom scales are not lodged under my bed anymore in an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of way. They sit there, sturdy, in the bathroom and glare at me which gives me the motivation to actually use them. So I have now started a routine of using them while waiting for the hot water to heat up in my shower.

2. My world is vastly different to my other attempts. I no longer work in an unhealthy, over the top stress-wise workplace. There are no vending machines and the only goodies everyone has is from the Turkish takeaway (which generally includes salad) and cakes on birthdays (I do love cake days! hee). I also MOVE in this job, no headsets tying me down.

3. Work and home are close. This is translated as: I walk home from work. YES and the most excellent motivator here is that it takes me the same amount of time to walk as it does to catch the bus because they suck!

4. Colleague encouragement. I guess this could have gone into point 2 but I forgot. At work right now there is a pedometer club/group/party (depending on who you talk too) happening. The challenge is to walk more steps than anyone else! One of the girls had done 7000 by lunch time on Friday… not only is it a fun incentive, it’s amazing to see how much movement actually goes on! I bought my pedometer yesterday and although it was a lazy day (I did go for a walk in the afternoon though) I walked 7000+ steps and found out that my walk in itself is 4000 of those.

So, the only issue to tackle is snacking at home. Right now there is a plethora of goodies sitting in the fridge and all I want to do is gobble them all down! But I haven’t, and although Flake is a most wonderful thing, I turned it down. Which, is DEFINITELY a first for me.

Lastly, what do I want from this? Well, I’d like to be able to go shopping and not be a ‘plus size’ and know that there will be nice things in my size. I’d also love to not have DD/E boobs… I yearn for my C’s of old. I want to be able to go for a ride or a jog or whatever and not feel like I’m about to die! And lastly, I’d like to appreciate healthy food…

… I think I can do it this time! Here’s hoping anyway 🙂

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  1. meep. good luck! i bought myself a skipping rope the other day. i have been refusing to use it due to the pushiness of the boyfriend but it's only out of principle. i'm actually dying to get started! lol. good luck ^_^

  2. i'd kill to have a pair of c's instead of these dd's. such a pain in the ass. For the pedomiter – 10,000 steps is the minimum amount of steps per day to aid in weight loss. Other helpers = multivitamin (i recommend one a day women's w/ weight support), 4 – 8oz servings of water a day and pick up some pomegranate juice if you can find some you'd be amazed at how much it can help!

    in either case I wish you luck *hugs*

  3. I struggle with my weight too. I never seem to lose any and even when I do, I'm building muscle so my weight is still the same. Your post makes me want to join a gym lol. 🙁 Is the weather up your way warm enough to walk around in? It's literally freezing here in my part of the US so I refuse to walk outside unless I have to lol. Badd I know. 🙁

  4. Good luck with your goals! The fitness group at your work sounds really cool! This blog just reminded me that I told myself I would exercise more this year…. hm. I guess I haven't been doing too well.

  5. Wow, looks like you're really going to make it this time. Good luck! I'm counting on you 🙂 it's good that you walk from home to work and vice versa. That's a great way of exercise 😀

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