Month: July 2009

  • Disappointing Tapas

    Last night I indulged in a work function… indulged may not generally be the right word but this function was a function I had to input my on fund into. It was a farewell at a bar that I would say thought it was cooler than it actually was. It was the Haha Bar. Need […]

  • Dripping noses and persistant coughs

    I haven’t been sleeping well for the past 5 or 6 days. Waking up overheating while boy lies next to me freezing… he was sick. I suppose he had an excuse. All this time I’ve had to be awake because he’s awake listen to him feeling sick and just wishing for some sleep. Finally, last […]

  • Moving forward.

    As a part of moving forward with Lazily I want to make Lazily a better designed site and more efficient loading but it seems like I’m behind the times. There are so many new additions in the world of WordPress that have just flown right on by without me noticing – possibly something to do […]

  • Back with extra laze.

    *Happy Sigh* Lazily is back! Ok, so it wasn’t technically away (except those 3 or so hours) but it wasn’t updated. Why? Well, now I host Lazily… myself *eep* it’s a bit scary but it’s about time I branch out right? I’ve had a domain or a website of some description for nearly 10 years […]