Disappointing Tapas

Last night I indulged in a work function… indulged may not generally be the right word but this function was a function I had to input my on fund into. It was a farewell at a bar that I would say thought it was cooler than it actually was. It was the Haha Bar. Need I say more? Well here is their website. Let the sad fairy help in your judgement.

So we went up to the shiny bar and decided on what to order. The all male staff hounded us to choose choose choose from the second we stepped into the place however when we did actually choose they were so. slow. Like slower than a turtle, like slower than watching paint dry and other slow things.

A colleague and I decided on cocktails to start the night an delicious sounding Chorizo Tapas (how to do pronounce that work? Tap-ass, tay-pass? It always just makes me think of the IT Crowd when they debate that very thing). So $20 down the drain and anticipation of delightful times ahead… 20 mins later and the cocktails are ready to go, YEAH! Mmm, I had a Nippon Nookie and it was pretty ok…. 20 minutes later and out cocktails are done with but where is the Chorizo? The staff asked us (the party) 3 times if we were waiting on food still… very organised. Eventually the Chorizo arrived and what did my $12 worth of Chorizo look like? 4 slices of sausage dipped in something cream coloured, topped with something chunky and red (Aioli and Tomato Relish apparently)… FOUR SLICES! For $12 I could have had nearly 16 slices of pizza! (more on a Tuesday)

And other than that they kept turning down the lights gradually every 30 minutes and I was constantly feeling like the table was a foot rest it was delightful… ok, it wasn’t. We ended up at Hungry Jacks (Burger King) after because we were all so starving! Not that it tasted much better but at least it cost a whole lot less!

Luckily there were good people there… even if all they/we did was talk about work.

Dripping noses and persistant coughs

I haven’t been sleeping well for the past 5 or 6 days. Waking up overheating while boy lies next to me freezing… he was sick. I suppose he had an excuse. All this time I’ve had to be awake because he’s awake listen to him feeling sick and just wishing for some sleep. Finally, last night, he gets to sleep and what happens? The cold passes on to me.

So he sleeps soundly while I lie awake feeling my eyes, nose and throat drip whatever fluids they happen to be… then I had to think about what those fluids just might be made out of and just how gross my face could be at that particular moment.

That very thought just made me run upstairs to get my best friend – box of tissues – well, that thought and the fact that my snot may have dripped down my chin if I hadn’t.

The thing is though, I’d kind of hoped for it. Being sick means time away from work, excuses to lie in bed for hours on end and watch whatever I want and doze just because I can.

While I’ve been in a half daze, in between husky, itchy coughs and running nose I’ve been eating and eating and eating. I think I may be the only person that does this. Most people I know shy away from food when they’re sick buy I crave it. Anything to get rid of the sinus issues.

And for a while it works.

How about you? Would you rather die than eat when you’re sick or do you find yourself going for anything and everything you can get your fingers on?

Moving forward.

As a part of moving forward with Lazily I want to make Lazily a better designed site and more efficient loading but it seems like I’m behind the times. There are so many new additions in the world of WordPress that have just flown right on by without me noticing – possibly something to do with having an incredibly old version of WP previously – and these are things I want to know and learn but just seem so hard.

My first goal is a widget-ed sidebar, I’m using one on a different site and they’re just amazing and simple and… easy! Although, that seems to be the understanding of them from the front end but the back end of it all is a little different. FDor those that have developed their sites with widget-ed sidebars I have a few question… was it worth it? Did it cost more time that it was worth? It seems like it might be just as easy to code your sidebar rather than widget ready it. What would you say?

I’ve also added myself to some rotations and the like to get more exposure, I realise I don’t have much to expose at the moment (hmm, that sounds a little bit more pervertted than I’d hoped) but lets hope that is something that is changing as Lazily evolves.

Back with extra laze.

*Happy Sigh* Lazily is back! Ok, so it wasn’t technically away (except those 3 or so hours) but it wasn’t updated.

Why? Well, now I host Lazily… myself *eep* it’s a bit scary but it’s about time I branch out right? I’ve had a domain or a website of some description for nearly 10 years now and yet I’ve never (ok, once but I didn’t make full use) actually paid for and hosted myself so now I’m and and much fun I’m having (although it is mingled with grief also. Some things *coughphpmyadmincough* are so frustrating!

Anyhoo, I wanted to thank my previous host Tannie for all her support and who, without her assistance, was the reason I have Lazily at all.ย  At a forum she co-ran at the time they were having a domain giveaway and it was down to her and I and it was a tie! So she stepped down and allowed me too win… and so Lazily was born ๐Ÿ™‚ She also took on the duty of hosting it for me too. So thanks for all your assistance thoughout the years Tannie it’s been very much appreciated!

So now, the future of Lazily. I think it’ll be taken in a slightly new direction but won’t change dramatically, I’ll just have greater control of it. Plus, now I get to use swanky WordPress V2.8.1 which is so pretty, how can I stay away really?

So? Watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚