Moving forward.

As a part of moving forward with Lazily I want to make Lazily a better designed site and more efficient loading but it seems like I’m behind the times. There are so many new additions in the world of WordPress that have just flown right on by without me noticing – possibly something to do with having an incredibly old version of WP previously – and these are things I want to know and learn but just seem so hard.

My first goal is a widget-ed sidebar, I’m using one on a different site and they’re just amazing and simple and… easy! Although, that seems to be the understanding of them from the front end but the back end of it all is a little different. FDor those that have developed their sites with widget-ed sidebars I have a few question… was it worth it? Did it cost more time that it was worth? It seems like it might be just as easy to code your sidebar rather than widget ready it. What would you say?

I’ve also added myself to some rotations and the like to get more exposure, I realise I don’t have much to expose at the moment (hmm, that sounds a little bit more pervertted than I’d hoped) but lets hope that is something that is changing as Lazily evolves.

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  1. Hello! I happened upon your blog & just decided to comment. I know what you mean about falling behind–when I think about my website & I look at all the new 2.o types…I get kind of weary. Like I’m old age or something. Haha. But yeah. A widget-ed sidebar? Do you mean something like including twitter, etc.? I didn’t find it very hard to customize…in fact, it takes up with your CSS as long as you choose the HTML widget. Well for widgets in general, I think you just paste code in. I’m confusing myself, lol.

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