Up… Down… Up…?

So Lazily has been down a bit recently. Unfortunately, there is not much of anything I can do about it.

My host is having issues lately and what with only 1 support person it’s getting a bit annoying. Especially, seeing that said support person isn’t as dedicated as I’d like. The plus side is some people have left said host and I think it’s been a bit of a jolt to the system for them because FINALLY they’re hiring extra support people. To say I’m pleased is an overstatement.

When I first joined I had excellent support from the owner at the time so I was pleased with the decision but the company changed hands and the new owner got busy with other things and kind of pushed us to the side. Luckily, there are some great members on their forum who are as helpful as they can be (without having any backend access) when you have a problem.

I actually got an email from a rival company (Rerun Hosting) trying to poach me! Isn’t that neat! I kinda thing that’s neat lol. I’m evil that way though. In some ways I wish I could go but I don’t want the fuss of changing all over again so I will wait out the changes and see how it pans *fingers crossed*

So if the site is down, I apologise, my host being down is probably the reason.

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