Phew! *Sigh of relief*

Yikes, where has Lazily been? Up, down and around… however, this time only slightly to do with my host. Ok, much to do with them but not for the reason you’re thinking 😀

After 2 weeks of being with HostCrave they decided the server they were on wasn’t stable enough to stay with so transferred all of us over to a new server/host. I had no issues they were doing all the hard stuff while I only had to update the nameservers… piece of cake!

Unfortunately, Lazily’s nameservers are still in Rachel’s name from way back when I won in a competition (well, I won a domain name in a competition and chose Up until recently it has worked quite well as I haven’t had need to change nameservers so I just pay her the annual fee. The last 3 months I think I’ve had her change them 3 – 4 times and this time she was flat out and didn’t get the chance so, yes, Lazily down time.

Then, the nameservers changed – YAY – and I assumed it’d all look as it did, but it didn’t my databases didn’t like me but cpanel said they were a-ok.

I, just now, realised that somehow in the transfer everything except the database user had come over so, obviously there was no connection to my database!

I learn something new everyday lol.

Anyhoo, Lazily is back up! Hurrah! And *fingers crossed* there won’t be anymore changes for the near future.

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