Month: November 2009

  • It Broke…

    Yes, the insane heatwave we had for about a week finally broke. This time last week was about 33°C (91.4°F) and rising! Today I don’t think we even hit 20°C and it was raining… beautiful beautiful rain! No humidity, no blistering, sweat inducing sun just fresh, delightful air! And yet, not everyone can be pleased. […]

  • Back to reality

    Yes, I’ve reappeared from my Dessen Dreamland haze but it took some light hearted YA (Young Adult) to do it. I couldn’t bring myself to read more of my half read books they were just much to serious for me. Enjoyable buy too much for me at the time. In fact, I’ve finished another book […]

  • Fresh air

    It’s a little known fact about me that I’m an avid fan of Sarah Dessen. I sometimes find that her storylines are all quite similar though but I like the formula so that’s ok. Anyway, over the weekend I read something by her that is a little different. It is Dreamland. It is the story […]

  • The Paid Curse

    Loyal readers of my blog will know that I used to post the occasional paid post. I kinda loved the fact that I didn’t really need to pay for my domain and hosting because blogging did that for me. Eventually, though, I got annoyed with the ever decreasing amount paid and the ever increasing crappy […]