It Broke…

Yes, the insane heatwave we had for about a week finally broke. This time last week was about 33°C (91.4°F) and rising! Today I don’t think we even hit 20°C and it was raining… beautiful beautiful rain! No humidity, no blistering, sweat inducing sun just fresh, delightful air!

And yet, not everyone can be pleased. I heard people complaining that it was just too cold today *shakes head* some people are never happy! Right now, I’m sitting here, with a tshirt and I have goosebumps as the breeze flows over my arms but I’m not moving, it’s just so nice being cool again.

As a side note, my website is now varying shades of blue! I wanted to update it to something a little more summery, I was thinking apricot, pineapple and citrus hues but then… well then, perhaps I looked outside and saw the sky? And it all changed! Let me know if it’s too bright or if anything is too small or too big and I’ll tweak here and there… this time I promise to get some decent smilies 🙂 Maybe.


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