Month: December 2009

  • I’ve got the remedy

    Hee, so it seems a few people didn’t like my Christmas trash talk. My feed decreased by nearly 50%… that isn’t really saying much though heh. Being that it is the holidays I tend to steer clear of shopping centres and as such I’m yet to buy some new cleanser. I ran out about 2 […]

  • The joy of christmas

    ah yes, Christmas. How I’ve come to loathe it. I really do. I’m sure there are other posts in the archive that mention my ever increasing dislike of Christmas and they might even say the same thing… maybe, you’ll just have to see 🙂 That being said, this year has been ok on the christmas […]

  • Left with scar tissue

    Oh man, I’m going to be left with Scar Tissue after all this I just know it! After all what, you say? Reading Anthony Kiedis’ (of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) book Scar Tissue. I can’t help but wonder when the hurting stops. I’ve soldiered on to about half way but its just. so. hard! […]