A quick Darcy update

So, here is the goss!

I ended up borrowing Pride and Prejudice from the library the day after my previous post. Now, I was quite excited to find that there was a copy available for me that very day. However, it happened to be the new edition. The new Twilight inspired edition. Luckily, it is cover only but the experience feels a little bit tainted. Especially considering that the catchphrase is “Love isn’t always at first sight” – seriously, that very nearly put me off. Instead, I took a deep breath and repeated the thought “It’s only the cover! The content is the same. It’s only the cover! The Content is the same” and borrowed it still feeling a bit jilted that I didn’t have the opportunity of a nice Penguin Classic.

Oh, and did I mention that on the cover it suggests I’ll love Wuthering Heights because it is Edward and Bella’s favourite book? Mhmm.

Anyway, I’m about half way through and while I am having some trouble keeping up with the nattering in Elizabeth’s head I am quite enjoying it. I am a bit disappointed at the current lack of Darcy given that I figured it’d be all about him but all in all a lovely read. I would like to slap the Bingley sisters a little though. Would that be unladylike of me? Because I think I’d like to throw Mrs Bennet into the ‘to be slapped’ pile too 😛

While, I am still hear hoping for a Darcy moment I am happy to read on and think of Wickham instead.

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  1. What what what what what? Twilight has contaminated Pride and Prejudice too?! I thought it was only Wuthering Heights… This is a sad day.

    • I know. I remember when I first saw them at work I couldn’t believe it. It was a sad day!

      YAY! I’m glad you went ahead and got a Bubble Hosting site. I’ve never had any down time with mine (not Lazily) and the community on the Pop forums is great.

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