No Pants!

Oh my, the joys of catching the bus. I have to say, since my headphones broke I have heard some crazy, stupid and interesting conversations while on the bus. I think yesterday’s situation may have been my favourite.

There were these 2 girls talking a load of crap to each other which I tuned out but then I noticed that one of them didn’t have any pants on!! She was wearing boxers of all things. I agree this is better than say a g-string but the way she was sitting I imagine the people sitting opposite her saw a whole lot more than they wanted too. Initially, i thought they were shorts but then realised they had little penguins all over them.

Then I notice her friend has a can of bourbon in her hand and she decides to crack it open while casually chatting with her friend with no pants. Less than 2 minutes later this woman races down from the back of the bus, nearly pushes someone off their chair and askes the girl for a swig of her drink!! I really don’t think they even knew each other! She did, however, give her some of her drink and they all decided to have a good ol’ chat together.

I think most of the people sitting around them were completely disgusted with it all but I couldn’t help but laugh. You have no idea how much fun bogans can give you on the bus and there are a lot of them!! The girl with no pants also had a cigarette (unlit) hanging out of her mouth the entire trip. It was kind of priceless.

There was also a mention of something about getting heartburn when you’re pregnant and the baby has hair (wha?). It was all very, very informative.

The only downside of my bus trips yesterday was some creepy old Greek guy kept looking at me and the way he was looking at me gave me the impression that he thought I was interested *shudders* ick.

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  1. That’s pretty amusing. If only there was public transportation available where I live, I’d totally get a kick out of just watching people or even eavesdropping on their conversations. (I have the tendency to do that when I’m bored in the Uni library. :-P)

    The girl with the boxers? Priceless.

  2. Pantsless people are always amusing! Sometimes public transportation itself is just a whole new form of entertainment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The things people will discuss on public transportation, especially if they are on the phone. It’s like the moment they step onto that bus personal boundaries go out the window ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. People are so funny!

    It’s an old wives tale that if you have a lot of heart burn during your pregnancy, the baby will be born with a head full of hair.

  5. Oh, wow. Where I live, people think they’re super Southern or something, so they act like it. Being from the North, I think the typical hillbilly persona is retarded, but these people actually…are.

    In Walmart there was this lady who had on a tube top with no bra and these short-shorts. I’ll just say that it didn’t really compliment her figure.

    Sometimes my neighbor lady runs around outside in her see-through nightgown (also with no bra) when the construction workers are nearby.

    People confuse me.

  6. I’ve never really commuted, so I can’t say I’ve experienced anything like that. That sounds like a fun trip though, haha. Except, of course, for that guy…I would get really creeped out.

  7. Good Lord, I would have had a hard time not whipping out my phone and taking a video of this. That sounds like… quite the scene to witness. I know a few people who catch public transit to get to their destinations, and they always seem to have the best stories to tell!! lol. It takes all kinds, as they say…

  8. Oh bus people. They are crazy. If people were drinking on the bus you could have told the bus driver. We had a person kicked off the bus once because he was drunk.

    I always have to have my music or a book with me on the bus because listening to most of the conversations on there tend to make me feel like I’m getting dumber. I really hope I didn’t sound as idiotic as some of the kids on there today. And I’ve been having some guy on the bus staring at me the last couple times I’ve been riding. I would stare back at him to see if he would stop but that didn’t work lol.

  9. Wow! That is one intense bus ride. We don’t have a great bus system in the city near where I live. I live in the middle of no where, so we have no public transportation out here. I would miss my music! Man I couldn’t live without. I remember when I rode the school bus I always had my headphones in.

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