You have a gentle face

“You know I wouldn’t have hurt you right?” said the creepy guy who got on the bus at the same stop as me last night.

He then continued it with “I’m not a creepy guy. I just wanted you to know that, ok?” and then sat next to me. 3 people on the bus and he absolutely had to sit next to me and have a chat. I think he was a bit drunk. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

So he is chatting about life and people and tells me I have a good soul or heart or something kind and loving and he could determine this within 5 minutes of meeting me. Why? Because I’ll work a graveyard shift. I mentioned that fact that, yes I am working a graveyard shift but you know what? It isn’t like I volunteered. I do this crazy, new fangled thing call shift work(heh, nearly wrote shit work).

He then continued on about how he wasn’t a creepy guy and he wasn’t going to do anything to me and if that doesn’t make a person start to freak out I don’t know what does. I dealt with it though because you might be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time this type of thing has happened to me.

Current creepy guy told me people talk to me and sit next to me on the bus because I have a gentle face. I look like a nice person apparently. All I was thinking was how to change that. What more do I need to do to let weirdo’s know that no, I’m not interested in talking whacked out stuff with them?

I try to work out everyday what makes me the person that people ask for the time or directions or sit down to have a chat with. What makes people stare at me as I walk by them? Even as I give them a “What the hell are you looking at?” look, followed by a “Is there something on my face?” look.

For some reason it seems to be highly concentrated on transport. Taxi and bus drivers (my current bus driver of a week has started a personal joke with me – “We have to stop meeting like this” – should I add him to the creep list?) mainly. Are they lonely? Why me? Why not the other guy that got on the bus?

Tell me, why me?

No Pants!

Oh my, the joys of catching the bus. I have to say, since my headphones broke I have heard some crazy, stupid and interesting conversations while on the bus. I think yesterday’s situation may have been my favourite.

There were these 2 girls talking a load of crap to each other which I tuned out but then I noticed that one of them didn’t have any pants on!! She was wearing boxers of all things. I agree this is better than say a g-string but the way she was sitting I imagine the people sitting opposite her saw a whole lot more than they wanted too. Initially, i thought they were shorts but then realised they had little penguins all over them.

Then I notice her friend has a can of bourbon in her hand and she decides to crack it open while casually chatting with her friend with no pants. Less than 2 minutes later this woman races down from the back of the bus, nearly pushes someone off their chair and askes the girl for a swig of her drink!! I really don’t think they even knew each other! She did, however, give her some of her drink and they all decided to have a good ol’ chat together.

I think most of the people sitting around them were completely disgusted with it all but I couldn’t help but laugh. You have no idea how much fun bogans can give you on the bus and there are a lot of them!! The girl with no pants also had a cigarette (unlit) hanging out of her mouth the entire trip. It was kind of priceless.

There was also a mention of something about getting heartburn when you’re pregnant and the baby has hair (wha?). It was all very, very informative.

The only downside of my bus trips yesterday was some creepy old Greek guy kept looking at me and the way he was looking at me gave me the impression that he thought I was interested *shudders* ick.

Could this be the one?

On my last post it was mentioned how people generally wouldn’t want to do the graveyard shift in an office by themselves because it is scary. Overall, I’ve really liked this shift and kind of like that there is no one else in the office at the same time as me. It is peaceful and I don’t have to worry about who will bother me today. All in all, bliss. Well, except today… 3hrs in and I am fading already… only 5 hours to go!

So, I am able to get a bus in on this shift and the strange thing I have noticed is that my local bus has had middle aged women driving it each night. Now, I will happily walk the 20mins home at 12:30am in the dark and I will also wait at the bus interchange at 10:50pm waiting on my bus but I’m not sure I would be willing to drive a bus around the suburbs near my house without someone else around. It is strange to me that the bus company puts women on these routes at this time without any support. I wonder how much they think about it everytime they make a stop. What are the odds that this person may be the one to pull a knife or threaten them?

Heres hoping they never know the answer to that question.