You have a gentle face

“You know I wouldn’t have hurt you right?” said the creepy guy who got on the bus at the same stop as me last night.

He then continued it with “I’m not a creepy guy. I just wanted you to know that, ok?” and then sat next to me. 3 people on the bus and he absolutely had to sit next to me and have a chat. I think he was a bit drunk. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

So he is chatting about life and people and tells me I have a good soul or heart or something kind and loving and he could determine this within 5 minutes of meeting me. Why? Because I’ll work a graveyard shift. I mentioned that fact that, yes I am working a graveyard shift but you know what? It isn’t like I volunteered. I do this crazy, new fangled thing call shift work(heh, nearly wrote shit work).

He then continued on about how he wasn’t a creepy guy and he wasn’t going to do anything to me and if that doesn’t make a person start to freak out I don’t know what does. I dealt with it though because you might be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time this type of thing has happened to me.

Current creepy guy told me people talk to me and sit next to me on the bus because I have a gentle face. I look like a nice person apparently. All I was thinking was how to change that. What more do I need to do to let weirdo’s know that no, I’m not interested in talking whacked out stuff with them?

I try to work out everyday what makes me the person that people ask for the time or directions or sit down to have a chat with. What makes people stare at me as I walk by them? Even as I give them a “What the hell are you looking at?” look, followed by a “Is there something on my face?” look.

For some reason it seems to be highly concentrated on transport. Taxi and bus drivers (my current bus driver of a week has started a personal joke with me – “We have to stop meeting like this” – should I add him to the creep list?) mainly. Are they lonely? Why me? Why not the other guy that got on the bus?

Tell me, why me?

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  1. Thank you. 😀 What browser are you using? It looks better in Chrome, FF, or I.E 9. Idk about anything else. I made the text a little bit more brighter, i love it when everything is dark lol. The text box does have a border around it thou.
    Crazy bus ride lol, the bus scares me lol. I can’t even do it.

  2. Perhaps it’s just the character of people who are on buses the same time you’re on buses and actually has nothing to do with you. Maybe they think you’re an amazing person because you’re not “creepy” like the rest of them, to put it bluntly. 😛

  3. I coded it in chrome so that’s probably why it looks better. I have no idea how to make it look good in other browsers so i don’t even bother anymore lol.

  4. Really annoying when people are so persistent when it comes to bothering others. It’s kind of creepy also. Most people would have made countless of calculations in their head on how to get rid of the guy without having to scream for help, lol he’s quite creepy indeed.

    And about the Master cleanse. It’s a detox.. I’m not able to eat for 10 days but my body will get the nutritients and vitamins it needs. So far it’s going good though.

  5. Not to be creepy (tee hee hee) but I share your problem. The drunk guy. The druggies. The dude from some part of the non-english-speaking-world who’s only been here a few months and is desperate to make a connection. And random, slightly nutso, lonely people. This is my public transport life! And that’s during the daytime… I long ago decided I must come under the heading of Mostly Harmless. Sounds like you share that affliction.

  6. There’s something about the public transit system that draws in the weirdos. It happens to me all the time, as well. I couldn’t imagine how much creepier it would be during the night!

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