Reviewed: The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

The Sleeping Beauty ProposalThe Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I only picked this book up because I was assured it didn’t follow the formula that all chick lit appears to follow. This was the book that was going to convince me that it wasn’t all desparate/meek/heartbroken women who finally have that light bulb moment.

If you’ve been told the same, well I’m sorry to disappoint because this is exactly one of those books. The standard women breaks up with boyfriend/husband in a traumatic way and then, after moping for a few weeks/months realises shes worth more. Enter in handsome but argumentative man who she couldn’t possibly fall in love with but, ultimately, finds herself attracted too and while protagonist is your regular Mary Jane it turns out that handsome man loves/adores/wants her at first glance.

Enter some dull twist and then BAM! story written.

Hope I didn’t spoil you, but then if you’re reading chick lit you know all that already.

I did really like how the characters were written though and at least Genie didn’t sit down and whine for 50% of the book.

Unfortunately, other than an out of character twist it was all too predictable.

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You have a gentle face

“You know I wouldn’t have hurt you right?” said the creepy guy who got on the bus at the same stop as me last night.

He then continued it with “I’m not a creepy guy. I just wanted you to know that, ok?” and then sat next to me. 3 people on the bus and he absolutely had to sit next to me and have a chat. I think he was a bit drunk. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

So he is chatting about life and people and tells me I have a good soul or heart or something kind and loving and he could determine this within 5 minutes of meeting me. Why? Because I’ll work a graveyard shift. I mentioned that fact that, yes I am working a graveyard shift but you know what? It isn’t like I volunteered. I do this crazy, new fangled thing call shift work(heh, nearly wrote shit work).

He then continued on about how he wasn’t a creepy guy and he wasn’t going to do anything to me and if that doesn’t make a person start to freak out I don’t know what does. I dealt with it though because you might be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time this type of thing has happened to me.

Current creepy guy told me people talk to me and sit next to me on the bus because I have a gentle face. I look like a nice person apparently. All I was thinking was how to change that. What more do I need to do to let weirdo’s know that no, I’m not interested in talking whacked out stuff with them?

I try to work out everyday what makes me the person that people ask for the time or directions or sit down to have a chat with. What makes people stare at me as I walk by them? Even as I give them a “What the hell are you looking at?” look, followed by a “Is there something on my face?” look.

For some reason it seems to be highly concentrated on transport. Taxi and bus drivers (my current bus driver of a week has started a personal joke with me – “We have to stop meeting like this” – should I add him to the creep list?) mainly. Are they lonely? Why me? Why not the other guy that got on the bus?

Tell me, why me?

Reviewed: The Sky Is Everywhere

The Sky Is EverywhereThe Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The funny thing about this book is that I had the opportunity to read it on its release date. I boxed it up for some schools and even though it looked like a diary, the text was blue and it had some pictures I still wasn’t captivated.

It as only when I saw it on a Goodreads list with a different cover that I decided to borrow it from my library only to find out what book it was.

What can I say about this book? The blurb doesn’t do it justice! Based on the blurb alone I would have put this book down which is what I did last year. This time, because of the excellent rating I decided to read on.

It is an incredible read! I was so involved from the beginning and as the end neared I just didn’t want it to finish and when I did I wondered if there would be a sequel because a few things are left undone.

So, what is it about? Lennie has just lost her sister and she is trying to work out how to deal with that. Lennie does some crazy things like getting it on with her sisters boyfriend and for some reason leaves anonymous notes around town about conversations with her sister.

Then enters Joe Fontaine, the new boy with the infectious smile and lovely brothers. Lennie can’t help but be captivated by this ray of sunshine that has entered her life.

The voice of this book is pretty much perfect. A lot of the time, I don’t like this type of character but it suited the situation here perfectly. Very well narrated.

Final verdict? I want more!

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Reviewed: Along for the Ride

Along for the RideAlong for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How very trademark Dessen. Everytime I crack open one of her books I know it is going to be the same as all the rest and yet I still buy and borrow them and love them all the same. Along for the Ride was no different although I kind of wished someone would punch Auden’s Dad in the face. Or stab him in the eye with a fork at the very least.

Along For the Ride is the story of Auden’s summer with her Dad, Stepmum and new half-sister. Auden thinks she will regret going but ends up learning about herself and the life she has missed up until that point.

The strangest thought I get from this book is the cover. I don’t picture Eli or Auden looking like either of those headless people… Eli just doesn’t seem like the jeans wearing type.

That aside, I was kind of hoping for something a bit less formulaic with this book but I suppose, once you’re onto a good thing why not stick with it, right? Worked for Dan Brown.

Fortunately, Dessen’s Formula is a guilty pleasure for me so I continue to follow her works but don’t expect anything new. It is the standard girl has shake-up in her life, goes somewhere new and meets a new but ‘not her type’ boy and friends. Girl then learns that maybe they’re exactly her type.

And if that is a spoiler, than you’re not paying enough attention.

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A sign from above or conversion tactics?

This afternoon I was sitting at home watching some TV when I noticed someone knocking at the front door – it actually took a few knocks for me to register they were actually at my door.

J goes to see what they want and who they are and from the couch it sounds like a religious group. I had a Jehovah’s Witness come visit me on Boxing Day and try to give me a bible – not really my thing – and figured this was the same but then J turned around and had a bag of… groceries.

These girls were from Life City Church and I guess decided everyone in my building was poor and needed some cheering up. Given that the first item out of the bag was a pack of Tim Tams I was happy to oblige, but they didn’t stay for a chat. Just gave us a flyer and left us with our goodies.

It was the strangest thing. The bag was filled with delights that I’ve wanted over the last few weeks but decided not to buy and all in one neat bag. It feels a bit weird that there wasn’t one thing in that bag that we don’t like – which is really saying something because we can be super picky.

One example is the juice, yes there was a bottle of juice in there and if you were doing random drops what type of juice would you buy? A generic Orange Juice right? The standard. I would have been disappointed though because I don’t like Orange Juice… luckily they got us Apple Juice, one of my favourites!

Now, I’m not religious in the slightest but it was like someone was trying to change my mind by giving me all the things I happened to be desiring at that moment in time (well except maybe the dry pasta… that would have to cook first :)). While it may not have converted me to their church I did think about it enough to a) blog about it and b) check out their website.

Alas, sorry Life City Church but I don’t think I’m quite so easily bought… maybe another visit next week and my arm might be twisted?