A sign from above or conversion tactics?

This afternoon I was sitting at home watching some TV when I noticed someone knocking at the front door – it actually took a few knocks for me to register they were actually at my door.

J goes to see what they want and who they are and from the couch it sounds like a religious group. I had a Jehovah’s Witness come visit me on Boxing Day and try to give me a bible – not really my thing – and figured this was the same but then J turned around and had a bag of… groceries.

These girls were from Life City Church and I guess decided everyone in my building was poor and needed some cheering up. Given that the first item out of the bag was a pack of Tim Tams I was happy to oblige, but they didn’t stay for a chat. Just gave us a flyer and left us with our goodies.

It was the strangest thing. The bag was filled with delights that I’ve wanted over the last few weeks but decided not to buy and all in one neat bag. It feels a bit weird that there wasn’t one thing in that bag that we don’t like – which is really saying something because we can be super picky.

One example is the juice, yes there was a bottle of juice in there and if you were doing random drops what type of juice would you buy? A generic Orange Juice right? The standard. I would have been disappointed though because I don’t like Orange Juice… luckily they got us Apple Juice, one of my favourites!

Now, I’m not religious in the slightest but it was like someone was trying to change my mind by giving me all the things I happened to be desiring at that moment in time (well except maybe the dry pasta… that would have to cook first :)). While it may not have converted me to their church I did think about it enough to a) blog about it and b) check out their website.

Alas, sorry Life City Church but I don’t think I’m quite so easily bought… maybe another visit next week and my arm might be twisted?

One response to “A sign from above or conversion tactics?”

  1. If people actually want to convert you, then they’re more direct about it and will bother you about it more often. There are a lot of really nice churches that focus on community service and I guess this is one of them.

    So it’s a sign from above. Happy times!

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