Up, Up and Away!

Yesterday I went to Sydney for work. It’s the first time in about 10 years that I’ve been on a plane and been to Sydney so the experience was a little different to last time. Also, every other time I’ve been to Sydney I’ve driven instead of flying (it’s about a 3 hr drive and a 30 mins flight) so it was interesting to see just how quick the plane was. We were basically just done taking off when we began getting ready to land!

While looking out the window

While looking out the window in Sydney after landing

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of anything. The trip basically consisted of the airport, driving to a hotel – and the entire drive was enclosed by noise walls or tunnel – and sitting in a meeting room for 6 hrs and then going back. There was one part of the trip back to the airport though where I was looking out the window of the taxi at some lovely old terrace buildings when we rounded a bend and I was suddenly looking out of over the harbour with the Harbour bridge on the left and the Opera house on the right. I didn’t get a chance to take any photos as we zoomed by though.

So, there’s a reason I haven’t been to Sydney in about 10 years, it’s mostly that I don’t particularly like going to Sydney. It’s too busy, there’s too much traffic (as such it takes forever to get anywhere) and there’s nothing in Sydney that I couldn’t do some place else.. if I was ever much inclined to actually leave my house. However, it was awesome flying in over the city and seeing it from above, it looked like someone’s version of Sim City! It was pretty damn cool! Plus the city has so much more history than mine and some of the buildings were just lovely to look at (even if I only got glimpses here or there as I peered over noise walls) but Sydney is still Sydney and I don’t think I’ve changed my mind about going there.

One thing that amazed me about the trip was how neat the plane trip was. Last time I went on a plane I wasn’t too keen on it, I don’t even remember why now but I didn’t particularly like it. This time around I was wondering why people are so terrified of planes and how they’re the coolest thing ever! Even if we did hit a bumpy patch at one point and my heart started racing as we were a bit taken by the weather.

Qantas also need to stop pretending that a cookie is breakfast though. At 7:30 when you’ve eaten nothing, cookies look nothing like breakfast… I ate it all the same though.

Week #7 – What are 5 experiences you would like to have?

So I missed a few weeks – and I’m also behind a week with this post – because I couldn’t decide on an answer for their questions:

Week #5 – What motivated you today?
Week #6 – There’s a movie about your life. Who is the cast, who is the director, and what is the setting? What’s it about? Is there a moral to the story?

Bloggers Unite Challenges

Also, this week wasn’t overly easy either. Liza really knows how to come up with some difficult questions.

I’m guessing most people probably wouldn’t have much difficulty in listing 5 experiences they’d like but, I’m not most people. I don’t have many (or any) goals and I have no idea what I want from one minute to the next so listing experiences I’d like to do, at some point in the future, is sort of hard for me.

I read a few of the other challengers posts though and started thinking a bit smaller than I was and here is what I came up with:

1. Make and cook a homemade lasagne
One night a week or so ago, I was discussing this blog topic with Jarrod and said “I wouldn’t mind making a lasagne one day” and so it became part of the list. I’ve wanted to make lasagne for so many years, my Dad used to make it fairly regularly and it was so amazing and now it’s at the point that I can’t even remember the last time I ate a lasagne let alone an awesome home made one. So I’m going to test this out one day. When I get less scared of crunchy, overcooked lasagne noodles.

2. Do a Chocolate Making class
I first thought of this when I saw that Lindsay and Edmund’s have beginner and intermediate chocolate making classes. I think it would be awesome to see the process and be able to take home some chocolate that I’d made myself. Then I saw that Lindt also have chocolate making classes and I decided it was something I should plan on doing. I’ll probably start with Lindsay and Edmunds first though because a) its cheaper and b) it’s closer to home.

3. Being proud of myself for something I’ve achieved
I don’t know how I would even begin to accomplish this. I don’t remember the last time where I did something that I thought was really awesome and was incredibly proud of myself for doing it. As this post sort of shows, I don’t really go through life thinking of it as an assortment of goals and experiences that need to be completed so don’t know what I could be proud of myself for accomplishing.

4. Have a job I actually like going too
This is a tricky one for me. Even now, I don’t know what I want to do for a job and I’m not overly inclined to learn new skills until I work that out. All I know is that my current job isn’t for me and maybe management isn’t either. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and completed a few ‘career tests’, the strange thing about these tests is most of them suggest Primary School Teacher in my top 5. Considering I’m not too big on training and really can’t stand kids I am wondering what it is that makes this a top recommendation. One day I hope I can wake up on a Monday morning and be interested in what I’ll do at work for the week rather than thinking about the next 5 days stretching out endlessly in front of me.

5. Own a house
This one is probably a little way off down in the future but it would be great to one day buy and own my own place. With the way renting is here there is very little opportunity to make a place yours. I’d like to be able to think “I want to put something on this wall!” and just do it without having to ask permission. Or replace the carpet or have a better kitchen and know it’s up to me how my place will be. Also just knowing that my money is going towards owning my own place rather than helping someone else pay off theirs.

That was quite hard to come up with, I’ve been thinking about it for more than a week. Now the interesting thing will be seeing if I’m able to follow through with any of them.

Chickens Don’t Clap!

Finally, after waiting for months and months and also years and years for there to be new Arrested Development, I got to watch the 4th season over the last couple of days.

I was a bit scared to watch it in the beginning. Could it really be better than the original 3 seasons? As one of my favourite shows I was worried they’d ruin it by bringing it back (which is something I’m also scared about with the Veronica Mars movie – I backed it all the same, because it’s Veronica Mars!) and it wouldn’t be as funny or as clever.

Watching the first few episodes of Season 4 I was thinking maybe I was right and that they’d made a huge mistake. It was mostly the character introduction that did it though and I guess that was required for people just jumping on the Arrested Development bandwagon. After getting passed that and seeing the season and episodes unravel it was pretty awesome seeing how they’d planned it.

Each episode is character centric (which I’m not sure I liked but it still worked) and you really only get to see the story from their perspective until the next episode when the same events happen but revolving around a different character. As the season progresses you learn more and more about the same events and it gets smarter as more is revealed, although I’m not sure it’s as funny as it used to be.

It’s sad to see that there is very rarely any scenes or episodes based off the entire family though. The interaction between the family members is really missing and it also means no crazy parties or speeches that never happen, however many of the old running jokes were included – even if the chicken dance didn’t make an appearance, or Franklin for that matter – although the ‘Her’ Anne/Egg jokes got a bit much, and I used to love that joke! Especially Egg.

I am really hoping for a 5th season, mostly to see if they explain Lindsay’s face (because Portia De Rossi doesn’t look like that outside of Arrested Development – if it weren’t for her voice I wouldn’t have recognised her initially) and what the deal was with the ending of season 4.

Oh, and to see the return of the chicken dances!

Reviewed: Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood EverlastingSisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what to say about this book, I’m not even sure I liked it. I found out a few months ago that a fifth Travelling Pants book had been released and as I had bought the other four over the years that I should know how it ends.

Flash forward ten years and the girls aren’t quite the sisterhood they used to be. Although, I don’t think their characters really did much growing up in those 10 years, mostly just growing apart. Especially Lena, Kostos seemed like a man in his 30s and Lena still seemed like a lost teenaged girl, pining for the boy she loved and lost all those years before. Although, maybe that is what Brashares was going for, that Lena just locked herself away from life. The theme is sort of shoved down your throat throughout the book, and oh.. Bee is broken. Which, if you’ve read the previous books, you’d know anyway.

I read the 4 books leading up to this in about 3 weeks and I’m glad I did, while this book could easily stand up on it’s own it was good to re-visit the characters again and see them for their achievements and also their flaws. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, they didn’t seem to do much changing and a whole lot of staying the same, except Carmen… although she didn’t seem to learn much of anything along the way.

It was good seeing that they hadn’t turned out incredibly successful, ecstatically happy with life and still together and everything was fabulous, I was sort of expecting that something a bit like Now and Then but, thankfully, that didn’t happen. It was good to see some sort of realism in the book, even if part of me wanted them to be incredibly successful and ecstatically happy.

Overall, it was a good read and a nice, if surprising and sometimes sad, way of ending their stories.