All of the Things

It’s been nearly a month since I last posted. I was able to write 9 posts in July, even though I anticipated 15 this is still much more than I’ve posted in a long time. Having the SITS girls prompts were really helpful and in some cases I ended up not needing them.

I wanted to use them again for August but for most of August I still had a cold. Up until last week I was still sick from back then, it held onto me for about 5 weeks which drove me pretty crazy.

During that time I mostly just watched tv, did things on YouTube and ate a bunch of junk because that’s what I needed to feel better. I also started posting more regularly on Previously. TV which is an awesome site for all things current TV and some things older TV. They have a pretty decent forum which I’m now a moderator of! I haven’t been a mod of a forum for about 10 years so it’s a bit strange and fun at the same time. If you like talking about your favourite TV shows then you should go and take a look.

I also went up to Sydney for work at the beginning of August and I’m going back next week. Last time we went up in a mega stretch limo, in theory that is awesome, in reality not so much. It was pretty uncomfortable and took hours to get to the hotel. After that we had 2 very long days, we checked in at 4PM, left for the pre-arranged dinner at 6 and that started the sleep, work, dinner, sleep cycle for those days.. very long and exhausting, probably why I ended up being sick again when I got back. I’ll probably have a post dedicated to my Sydney visits when I get back next week.

Mostly I considered blogging but didn’t have the energy to do it, I just wanted to sleep for much of the time but hopefully I am full recovered from that now and can get back into it all for September.

A Day in the Life: April 2014

This month the Day in the Life link up was meant to happen on the 10th and I actually took photos and everything this time but house buying and moving and cleaning and life got in the way of getting the post written. And here it is 10 days later and I don’t really remember much BUT I do have some photos.

For about 2 weeks it had been raining non stop here so every time we visited our new place it was grey and dreary and the 10th was no different. In fact, one of the things I remember most from this day was the fact that I checked the mail and there were a few snails in the process of devouring all of our mail. So we had some snail mail, literally! Get it, snail.. mail..

Snail Mail

Snail Mail

We also learnt a bit that day about what data cabling we have in the place and it’s actually pretty decent! Nearly every room is connected so we will have the internet everywhere! While we were testing that, I remember taking this photo and marvelling (again) at how cool our stair lights are.. yes stair lights can be cool! 

Fancy stair lights!

Fancy stair lights!

Mostly, I remember being nervous about moving and hoping everything would go ok. Also, walking to work in the rain, again. Fortunately, it did go ok and our moving day cleared up and it was the first day of sunshine we’d seen in a long time.

We’re also working on a new blog, the domain I bought about 20mins after .house was released on the 9th (10th for me) and we think it really suits all our new house things. Take a look if you’re interested – – new TLDs are fun!


We bought a house!

Yup, Jarrod and I are now bonafide (Chrome is underlining ‘bonafide’ and wondering I actually mean ‘debonair’.. no Chrome) home owners! We (when I say we, I mean Jarrod walked in the rain, I was drinking cider at work) picked up the keys on Friday afternoon after a nervous day of waiting for settlement to be completed. There was going to be  a potential hitch in our settlement but, fortunately, everything went smoothly.

Funnily enough, the settlement was probably the least stressful part of the whole process. If there is one thing I’ve learnt from buying a house, it is that it’s very stressful and frustrating and confusing. You have to deal with 3 separate parties (Solicitor, real estate agent and broker) who only tell you the parts of the process that are relevant to them. I found the real estate agent to be the worst, pushy and rude and just an overall jerk. Although, are there any real estate agents in the world that aren’t jerks? Unfortunately, I’ve never met any.

They all say they’ll keep you in the loop as well, then they don’t. I feel like if they all just were nicer to each other and didn’t snark and blame each other for hiccups the process would probably be a whole lot easier. It seemed that no one was ever at fault for anything, it was always something someone else did. I don’t know how people do it every day. It would drive me crazy.

 At one point, I considered just giving up and renting forever because it was easier. Obviously Jarrod would never have let us do that but I was just over all of the crap we were getting put through.

We’re on the homestretch now though, we visited a few times over the weekend and made our first home purchases – some solar lights for the garden – and considered what else needed to be done and what else we just wanted to do, you know, because we can. I wish I had some decent photos to show but it’s been rainy and gloomy for more than a week here and my photos turned out pretty poorly.

Overall, I’m glad we went through with it because the place has everything we wanted; a nice kitchen, 2 storeys (Jarrod wanted stairs), a downstairs toilet, an ensuite and a decent laundry. Oh, and NBN (basically faster internet). We also got a whole lot more which I’ll hopefully be able to show when we’re there on a nicer day.

A Day in the Life: January 2014

A Day in the Life: A Linkup by Break the SkyLast night I stumbled upon Manda’s ‘A Day in the Life’ project where you document what you did on a specific day each month and see other people doing the same. It seemed like a fun project.. Assuming all of my days aren’t just the same, so I thought I’d give it a try. Take a look at Manda’s site if you’re interested in joining in as well.

For January, the day was meant to be the 14th but I only found this on the 15th and decided to use that day instead and will continue on the specified days in the future. I also hope to have more photos next time, as I didn’t know about it this time around I didn’t have any.

And now, my day:

7:50 – Alarm goes off and I try to forget I have to go to work, it usually doesn’t work. I grab my iPad to check twitter and instagram while Jarrod, reluctantly, gets up for a shower. This is the only advantage of starting work at 9:30

9:00 – I’ve had breakfast, showered and made lunch and it’s about time to get walking to work. I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to work. I’m unlucky enough that today it’s 20°C/68°F by 9AM and we’re expecting close to 40°C/104°F.

10:30 – I’ve recovered from the fairly warm walk to work, caught up on email and now waiting, not so patiently, for the real estate agent to call. We put in an offer on a beautiful place on Tuesday and are waiting to know if the owners have accepted. He said he would let us know by lunch time.

The place we anxiously wait to hear about

The place we anxiously wait to hear about

13:00 – Jarrod and I decided that before 1PM is probably what is considered before lunch and yet he hasn’t called yet. what does that mean?!? I continue, anxiously, waiting for the call and getting mostly distracted from work.

14:00 – He hasn’t called yet and I start considering that nothing this agent has said to me has been true and that he’s mostly just out for his commission. I went outside to take a break from my desk.. it’s 38 degrees! Oh man, that was probably a mistake.

14:35 – FINALLY he has called.. to find out how much more we’re willing to pay because someone else with some free-ed up cash is making a similar offer. I’m not sure what relevance the cash has to do with anything but the only reason he called was to see if we could up his commission a bit. We do, a bit.

15:00 – Time to get back to work and worry about what is happening a bit more, so you know, not a lot work and a little bit of frantic emails to Jarrod about WHAT DO WE DO???

15:50 – CALL! But not to say we have a house, but that this other party has offered more than us and do we want to continue?

15:55 – I call Jarrod, on the phone.. the last time that happened was months ago. You know it just got serious when we actually speak to each other, with our voices, on our phones.

16:00 – We decide not to proceed and the house isn’t ours. I’m sure this will be a story we tell of the ‘one that got away’ into the future because we’re both pretty disappointed.. hopefully we tell that story because we found an amazing place to replace it though.

17:00 – Spent the time actually working, well for some of the time, because I didn’t have to worry anymore. Even though I’m sad about the outcome we were feeling a but pushed and rushed and stressed so now we have a bit of breathing space.

18:00 – Time to go home! My computer is getting upgraded to windows 7! My work is currently transitioning from XP so it’s sort of a big deal.. unfortunately it boots us all out before everyone can save everything.. oh well.

20:00 – We have burgers for dinner and talk about places and watch Community and start moving on from that place and enjoy the night instead.

22:00 – I read Georgie’s post about this very link up and realise I only missed it by a day so I should definitely get in on that! But so sleepy, so not tonight.

23:30 – Listen to welcome to Night Vale before bed and enjoy going to sleep with a bit less stress on my mind.

And that was my day, fortunately it was a more eventful one.

Week #9 – What Makes You Feel Wonderful

The weeks are all out of whack for the challenge but this was week #9 (and apparently I missed #8.. oops), even if it is technically week #13 or something. It’s probably not too important, right?

Bloggers Unite Challenges

This question, I’m not really sure how to answer.. do I say that every question? Maybe, however I don’t think I’ve ever stopped and thought “wow, I feel really wonderful right now”. There are things that make me feel good and happy and marvelous even! Just not wonderful.

I feel relaxed and relieved on a Friday afternoon, because it means there’s no more work for 2 days and I don’t have to wake up with an alarm or get out of bed before midday if I don’t want – I also don’t have to wash my hair if I can stand it.

I feel happiest on those weekend mornings, lying in bed, talking to Jarrod about all of the strange things we talk about and laughing with each other about our particular type of crazy and not feeling weird to be in bed, in pj’s at midday on a Saturday morning. Then starting to cook breakfast at lunch time which we’ll eat with whatever TV show we’re watching and maybe have Goodberry’s (if I can convince Jarrod that putting on jeans is worth it) for lunch at 4PM. Mmm, chocolate frozen custard delicious!

I feel intrigued when something gets delivered to me during the day at work, that I forgot I ordered. Like a little surprise present from myself. It actually happened last week. A package arrived for me that said “Printed Papers” and I thought “Huh? What is this? Printed Papers? What have I bought that contains printed papers?” It turned out to be a book… so that makes sense. I have to admit I felt a bit like an idiot for not realising that books are made from printed papers.

I feel excited when something new we decide to make turns out well (like these Cookies and Cream Smoothies – even if we used icecream instead of Frozen Yoghurt) and it becomes something we decide to make again some time.

Mostly, I’m just learning that life will probably never be exactly what I want it too be and maybe that’s just the way life is. If life is perfect, then what else do you have to live for? Inevitably, you’re going to feel happy (or even wonderful), sad and probably angry and to me, it’s more about how to deal with and work on how you feel (apparently positive thinking works wonders. I’m not quite there yet though) and getting the most out of life in general.