Now is no time to hyperventilate

My last day is over. It is only the 2nd time in my life that I have resigned from a job (which isn’t saying much considering I’m about to start the 4th one) and I felt very strange and unsure what to do and there was lots of hugging or awkward should we or should we not hug moments. Generally, I went with the negative in those moments.

My favourite boys (well, men but whatever) in the warehouse made me a lovely, heart felt card, although I kind of demanded they make it. Isn’t it lovely? It is all the things that affected me in the day to day. There are things on the front and back too but I liked the middle the most. Not only that, but they bestowed the much contributed too rubber band ball. To put this into perspective, it is larger than a softball. It has much love and effort in it.

Farewell Card & gift
Click to enlarge – pretend there are no addresses on there ๐Ÿ™‚

So, perhaps it wasn’t my desk I missed the most. Although, I did say goodbye to my computer and farewell to all the browser history I had to hastily delete. Perhaps, it was the people that I will miss the most. I will, after all, have another desk to sit at and hope that they let me use Google Chrome (and that there is unlimited internet! Which, alas, I doubt) but I will be the loner girl in the break room and the one looking on in confusion at the in-jokes that are told. I’ll have to break in to a new group of people again and probably think how much they all suck initially ๐Ÿ˜€

It is strange to think that these people are no longer colleagues (or ex-colleagues as one of my… ex-colleagues used to say) but… friends? I have to say I’ve never kept a friend from a job I have finished but these people will probably change that. It seems that way right now anyway.

Joys of Technology

We all know that technology is a wonder. I know I lived in a time before Mobiles, internet and even mp3s but I wonder how I would survive without it now. Especially the internet, I shudder to think.

As with the joys comes the lows of technology. Ever email or text someone and get that second where you think you might have sent it to just the wrong person? That the person you were whining or complaining about just got something very interesting in their inbox. What do you do? What can you do? Hyperventilate and pretend it was all a joke? Sounds like a plan ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever been the recipient of one of these circumstances? Ever received an email and thought “Huh, really don’t think this was meant for me”? What did you do? Did you let the person know about their mistake, or let them live in ignorance?
On Friday afternoon a colleague forgot to add me to an important email, they quickly rectified their mistake and sent me a copy… however they sent me a copy that had a few responses to the original email. Oh my, did I learn a thing or two. Things definitely not for my eyes.
What have I done? Well, I’m going full steam ahead giving them the impression I never received it. I think we’re all better off.

History in the making

Today, for the first time in Australian history we have a female prime minister. It is a fairly big event but I can’t help but be let down. The media is making a huge deal out of it but really, we didn’t vote for her, the Labor party voted for her.

I think I’ll be more excited when it comes to election time and the people of Australia vote her in. I’d love to see it but there are many things working against her. One of which is that she is a single sucessful career woman. Yes, I know, generally this wouldn’t be cause for concern however people appear to believe that only family people can run a country. It is upsetting that a person’s personal life speaks louder than their career achievements. This is actually a shining example of it because I have no idea who she was before she was deputy Prime Minister.

It was big news about 9:30 this morning so a few of us were chatting at work and then one of my female colleagues joined in and her first comments were “why would we vote for her? She just wishes she had a dick!” This coming from a female colleague, I was so incredibly shocked! She then went on to comment about how “the dyke” won’t get votes. Argh, it sounded so repulsive! This coming from a woman who has children AND grandchildren, apparently one of her children is gay and that is how she talks! I was completed disgusted.

This is only one example. There is also daily talk about her hair style and her this and her that. She is going to have to be beautiful and smart to win over our population. It is frustrating to see that none of our previous prime ministers have ever had to go through the same ordeal.