Joys of Technology

We all know that technology is a wonder. I know I lived in a time before Mobiles, internet and even mp3s but I wonder how I would survive without it now. Especially the internet, I shudder to think.

As with the joys comes the lows of technology. Ever email or text someone and get that second where you think you might have sent it to just the wrong person? That the person you were whining or complaining about just got something very interesting in their inbox. What do you do? What can you do? Hyperventilate and pretend it was all a joke? Sounds like a plan ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever been the recipient of one of these circumstances? Ever received an email and thought “Huh, really don’t think this was meant for me”? What did you do? Did you let the person know about their mistake, or let them live in ignorance?
On Friday afternoon a colleague forgot to add me to an important email, they quickly rectified their mistake and sent me a copy… however they sent me a copy that had a few responses to the original email. Oh my, did I learn a thing or two. Things definitely not for my eyes.
What have I done? Well, I’m going full steam ahead giving them the impression I never received it. I think we’re all better off.

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  1. In those situations, it really is better to just act like you didn’t see anything, haha.

    Those situations can be really awkward. There was this one time I accidentally sent my friend a text that was meant for my boyfriend, haha. We just laughed about it after, but it still felt weird.

  2. I’m the kind of person that checks 3 times before I send anything to anyone, so I’ve never really made a mistake. The only time when it was ever a problem was with multiple IM sessions. Luckily, on most of those occasions, I was usually able to catch myself before saying anything I regretted.

  3. That happened to me once. At work I received an email that was not meant for me. It was also not meant for another one of my colleagues to see, either. The person who originally sent the email by mistake managed to delete the email from that person’s account using some way-out-there excuse. Luckily I had the email as well, and forwarded it to my colleague. He had a right to know what was being said about him.

    I’ve also gotten texts from other people that were not meant for me. And once, I sent a text that was supposed to be for my husband to a friend. Yeah, that was embarrassing!

  4. . Ever email or text someone and get that second where you think you might have sent it to just the wrong person?

    -YES. ALL THE TIME. I always double check after sending, but it’s always a false alarm ๐Ÿ˜€

    What did you find out???
    You can’t say that and then not tell usss…

  5. I’m sure I’ve received information that I wasn’t supposed to receive, but I can’t remember a particular instance off the top of my head! Most of the time, when I think someone has sent me something they didn’t mean to, it’s just my friends sending me weird, random messages ๐Ÿ˜› My biggest problem, though, is forgetting to attach attachments ๐Ÿ˜

  6. I have definitely thought that I have sent an email to the wrong person. As far as I know, I’ve never actually done it though. And if I have, I don’t think I ever say anything that would get me in trouble.

    I think I have gotten mail from someone that they meant to sent to someone else. But it was a stranger. I just replied telling them that they had the wrong person.

  7. I can’t remember if I’ve received, but I know i have sent. I’ve said “Love you too baby” to my Mum. Luckily nothing too outrageous. But I also do stress when I send a text with something… raunchy or gossipy..

    Spesh cuz my Boyfriends name is “Jared” and his dads name is “John” & I have his dads number on my phone.. haha. Nothing has happened yet, although I keep meaning to change it to “1jared” or something so it’s up the top.. Or at lest away from his dads number. That’d be.. hard to explain.

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