Phew! *Sigh of relief*

Yikes, where has Lazily been? Up, down and around… however, this time only slightly to do with my host. Ok, much to do with them but not for the reason you’re thinking ๐Ÿ˜€

After 2 weeks of being with HostCrave they decided the server they were on wasn’t stable enough to stay with so transferred all of us over to a new server/host. I had no issues they were doing all the hard stuff while I only had to update the nameservers… piece of cake!

Unfortunately, Lazily’s nameservers are still in Rachel’s name from way back when I won in a competition (well, I won a domain name in a competition and chose Up until recently it has worked quite well as I haven’t had need to change nameservers so I just pay her the annual fee. The last 3 months I think I’ve had her change them 3 – 4 times and this time she was flat out and didn’t get the chance so, yes, Lazily down time.

Then, the nameservers changed – YAY – and I assumed it’d all look as it did, but it didn’t my databases didn’t like me but cpanel said they were a-ok.

I, just now, realised that somehow in the transfer everything except the database user had come over so, obviously there was no connection to my database!

I learn something new everyday lol.

Anyhoo, Lazily is back up! Hurrah! And *fingers crossed* there won’t be anymore changes for the near future.

Kindness of Strangers

Recently I’ve been thinking about the kind things that random people do for each other. Give directions, give the time, help with shopping, take photos and etc. etc. It really amazes me. Perhaps I’m not a kind person so it doesn’t make sense that people would go out of their way to help someone they don’t know. I couldn’t say the reason but I might see a random act of kindness throughout the day and know that if I were in the situation I probably wouldn’t have done the same.

That being said, last week I was feeling a bit ill and wanted something to help with my burning throat so I took a trip down to the local shops. On the way out of the shops as I was starting my trip home some guy called to me from his car and asked if I could give him a hair band or hair pin (yes, he said hair pin, cute!). I gave him a ‘huh’ look and said that no, I didn’t in fact have either.
He was, however, persistent and requested that I find one (I know, right?). Generally, I think at this point I would normally be turning around and walking away but for whatever reason I indicated that well, I could find one but it was in fact in my hair. Unfazed, he asked for it.

And? Well, I pulled it out of my hair and gave it to him. He seemed happy, commented that I looked better with my hair down (yes, smooth my friend, smooth) and claimed that I was a life saver. However strange this all was to me he seemed content with my hair band that most probably still had hair in it. Good deed done for the day.

This was when I thought ‘woah, did I just give some guy my hair band?’ and wondered why people do these strange but nice things for others.
I still can’t quite work it out… do we do it because we are nice people or do we do it because we want people to think we are nice people?
Maybe, like I said. I’m just not nice people.

And so I escaped that sinking ship

Edit: So, I’ve cancelled my PH account and today I think made peace with Jonno. I understand where he is coming from but still don’t agree with how he is running PH. This is probably the best solution.

So it turns out that my first ‘hosting me’ experience was less than ideal. Initially, the support was great and I felt so at ease going with Parade Hosting. Unfortunately, being so excited about the idea I didn’t investigate enough. I didn’t take the time to find out the owner was passing Parade over to someone else or what their reputation was, I just jumped on in!

I signed up and was told 24 hrs and an invoice I’d have… but I didn’t. Everything just took so. long.
So I was finally a member of Parade and transferring everything over and getting it all sorted out and everything was working and then it went down… and came up and went down and up, down, up, down and oh my how painful!

I got banned from accessing my own Cpanel, I couldn’t add additional domains and when logging a ticket I received one word replies. It was so disappointing to see the lack of support Parade had considering the community the forums appeared to have.

Then I found out more about Jonno, the new owner. Jonno who had multiple jobs and other hosting companies and more other responsibilities than I can count. Every time Parade went down another job or responsibility was revealed but they were never excuses… never! How could we ever think that? How could we ever think anything other than perfection about Jonno? For he had lovingly taken over Parade and kept the support forums even though he detested support forums! Should we not bow down to him?

Apparently we should. All of the mods on the forum do. Here is just a few of the replies I received when questioning the service or getting frustrated with its unreliability:

@Everyone else: What people fail to realize is that Jonno is human, too. And unless we replace his brain with a computer and install some sort of satellite internet access in his body, he can’t possibly be online 24/7.

If the service isn’t satisfactory, you can leave when you wish. No one is forced to stay with services they’re not satisfied with.

Either stick it through until services are repaired or go on your merry way. I’m so very tired.

I believe it’s down.
Nobody’s complained, so I doubt he knows.
Closing the topic, to prevent complaining.

I felt so supported! There is so much bias over there! No talking about other hosts, no negative comments about the service, no complaining… unless you’re Jonno of course. Jonno can complain about everyone else and how they’re being so very unfair to him because he’s just so very important and so very, very busy!

I dealt with most of it time and again with promises of a better service and a new server and this and that but they never came.

Then, the last straw, the site was down and as advised by the mods I email Jonno and receive no response. The site is down for hours and yet, nothing. I leave it be and come back the next morning and the site is up! But the SQL server is down again… for days but I should be patient. Just be more patient! No, I don’t think so.

Thankfully, I was noticed by rival hosts and Brad from HostCrave gave me an excellent deal and helped endlessly to get me transferred over as fast as possible! Less than 24 hrs and everything was changed! However… the SQL server was STILL down over at Parade and I had to play the waiting game.

Finally it came back up and I backed up my database as fast as I could. Phew, especially considering that Parade is down again and has been off and on for the last few days apparently… and where has the fearless leader been? Missing.

All in all, what have I gotten out of this experience? Do more investigation of your host! And especially? don’t go with Parade!

We’re live in 3… 2… 1…

Edit: A little tweak here and a head scratching there and things look to be working *fingers crossed*

The issues I found were:
1. Comments worked (YAY!) but I got spammed (BOO!) and then Akismet saved me (YAY!)
2. My feed broke and I really am not sure why but it’s working again (I think… the link works anyway) so +1 to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Lazily is back! It’s been days and days since it’s been up but now we are and hopefully for good!

I have transferred the database over from ParadeHosting so everything should be where it was. I have had some issues with different tables and copying and the like so there might be errors. Please please PLEASE let me know if you run into something weird.

I’ll go more into why I left PH and what the future is now but my head is pounding and I think I want a nap so I’ll leave it for another time.

I will say though a big thanks to Brad from HostCrave for helping me out with the change over and saving me from the sinking ship of Parade Hosting! Phew, here’s hoping for a long and fruitful relationship ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, thanks to the other people who offered me hosting! It was really appreciated.

Anyhoo, I’m off… here’s hoping the teething is done ๐Ÿ™‚

It can do what??

Right now I’m at the onset of a cold and my nose won’t. stop. running. Obviously, at this point my tissues are my best friends. Which ones am I using? Oh yes, Kleenex Silk Touch. They’re new and meant to be the most softest and loveliest tissues ever to grace us mere mortals. They’re not.

The ad shows little kids touching super soft rabbit ears and snuggly blankets to demonstrate just how soft these tissues are. People wrapping themselves in blankets and just loving the silky softness of these new tissues.

Well, from someone that has used a 100 or so today the the ads are wrong!

Which makes me come to my point. The annoyance of misleading advertising. Especially if it’s blatantly incorrect.

Recently, I’ve been watching more commercial TV than normal (because Wipeout is just too addictive!) and I’m just so over the repetitive advertising. One such culprit is Kmart and their ‘new’ price promise. Which is just price matching other stores. When did this become new? And why do these annoying people seem so surprised that Kmart is Price matching? It’s been that way forever! Right? The ad gives you the impression this is something new and fancy but it’s the same old thing. They’re not more leniant than any other store they just word it so you’ll think it’s true.

The other ad? KFC. Yes, KFC and their ‘best chicken ever’. Seriously, they think they have the BEST chicken because a cook comes in and seasons it everyday – or so they say – in a lovely kitchen with ripe tomatoes all over he place. Yes, wholesome fun.

There is an exception to this ad saturation. One ad I love and could watch for possibly ever. It is the LG Plasma TV with Time machine… with ze mountain climb.

^ My first embedding video, woo! ๐Ÿ™‚ – yes, it deserves it. I’m actually linking to an ad, can you believe it? I just love it that much. It just goes to show how goodย  (and bad) advertising can really be. It just depends how you go about it. I wish there more of the good kind though than the lying kind!