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Recently, working closer with the internet now, I’ve been seeing how the internet can so easily influence people. On a work level people are nearly brought to tears when their websites are down and we can’t get them back working immediately. Personally, I’ve seen people get so hurt or angry about what happens in forums or in comments and can’t help but laugh.

Yesterday, I had a reseller’s customer call because his domain was still expired and he’d paid the reseller to renew it for him. The reseller hadn’t done it as yet and in turn his customer ended up abusing me. Apparently, as the domain registrar it was my fault that his domain hadn’t been renewed and it was my fault that I wasn’t able to renew it for him. He told me that I absolutely would be renewing his domain and I would be doing it RIGHT NOW! This was his livelihood after all.

For everyone out there with a domain and hosting package, there is actually a lesson to learn from this. Never let your host register your domain for you in their name! Make sure you have full access to the domain should you ever want to move it somewhere else so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting it back.

On a personal level there is and, apparently, always will be internet/blog/forum dramas. Yes, drama llama’s exist everywhere on the internet! I know of a forum where occasionally the mods abuse their power. They, on occasion, feel as though they are better than the regular members and when the admin tells them off they start losing self confidence and deem themselves bad bad mods. Why do we take forums so seriously? Why can’t we just accept that other people will have different opinions from us and move on?

Is it a reflection of these peoples real lives? Do they only have power on the internet? Are they only in a clique online? I always wonder what these peoples lives are like off of the computer.

All in all, when did the internet become so important? When did we become unable to live without it? If you think about it, it wasn’t all that long ago when we lived our lives without even knowing what the internet was…

… granted, I know some people reading this were probably born in the late 90’s and probably have never lived without a computer or the internet or a mobile phone. Does this mean I’ve turned into one of those people that talks about how things were in their day?

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  1. You know, that’s a good question. I can’t really recall when the Internet started to dominate my daily life. I didn’t have a computer until ’98 & it was a crappy thing that makes me shudder to think about. Before then…

    I think I read. lol.

    I personally kind of love forum drama, though. It just makes me chuckle every single time, even when I’m being insulted.

  2. Great post! It always made me wonder how my life would be without the internet :p – probably i’d spend even less times indoors (*cough* my mom always complains i’m running out of the house any minute i got xD) & i wonder what my job would be since it’s quite related to the internet too hmmm …

    i personally just laugh at forum drama – it’s always so amusing to read! xD

  3. I was born in ’93, but my family got our first computer when I was seven. We never really had cell phones until I was around eleven (my mom had one) and I got my first phone when I was twelve because I was in a sport and had to be able to contact my mother. So, I’ve been surrounded by technology for a while. 😀

    I think it’s kind of sad sometimes when people get SOOO wrapped up in their online lives. I take it as it is – I have friends from other countries, I like to design websites, etc. I see it as a way to communicate with people, not a way to live my life. I love web-design and all, but there’s no way I could do it for a job.

    Forums…ugh. One of the ones I joined is filled with the more ‘teenage clique’, so they’re not the most mature of people. The thing that pisses me off is when I or someone else voices an opinion contradicting to the OP or whoever else, and I get completely slammed with, “OMGGGG ur an evil conservative blah blah” or other crap. Sorry I have an opinion not like yours? I just mostly ignore that, though. :/ Not worth my time.

    I could write a story comment to this post, but I’ll stop with my rant here. 😛

  4. I was born in the early 90s, and I remember being awed at the first computer I saw, and not understanding what the Internet was for a very long time.

    Some people really really don’t have lives. It’s quite sad. But if they like it that way, then we shall just laugh at them and let them die in their sad sad lives. Or they could just be sensitive because their real lives aren’t going too well either.

    Customers can be so lousy sometimes… always yelling at the wrong people so that they can yell at someone. *sigh*

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