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My last post mentioned a book that started it all. I received a few comments from people interested to know more about it. The book was You inc. which claims to help you “attract amazing success into your life and business”  which I imagine every other self help book claims as well. Initially I was pretty reluctant to read it, I would never have read it if my boss (at the time) hadn’t suggested it or you know, bought it for me to read. He was investing time in me and the least I could do was invest some time in improving myself right? Right!

The book itself is separated into 4 parts: You+, You+Business, You+Leadership and You+Sales, I have to admit that I didn’t finish the Sales section or enjoy the Business section. That is  just me though, maybe you have aspirations of building your own business and selling the idea to anyone that will listen and it will give you that big idea. The part for me that was most useful was the “You+” section, eventually anyway. As I mentioned, I was reluctant to read it and wasn’t willing to put to much of myself into it until it came to a question, THE question as I think of it, the question that changed everything:

Are you living in the place where you belong, with the people you love, doing the right work, on purpose?

I thought about it and the answer scared me. I didn’t feel like where I was living was home, I wasn’t sure about the person I was with but I did enjoy my work. I hadn’t purposely chosen to be there though, I had sort of fallen into everything that had happened to me never really pushing myself to do anything. Which was pretty much the story of my life.

It is a pretty big day when you realise you’re not really living your life and making all your decisions from fear and mostly, that one line in a book can make you open your eyes and decide it’s time to change it all.

So that is what this book did for me, it made me think about what I wanted and what I didn’t have but it did it actually make me change anything? No it didn’t, I needed a bigger push for that but it did open my mind to a new way of thinking. That being said, I imagine if I never took the time to read it I would  probably still be where I was 12 months ago feeling helpless about what to do about anything and everything.

I’d recommend giving it a try though if you’re looking for a little, or maybe a big push into the right direction to making life better for yourself.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the book with us! Right now, my answer to that question is a straight-up yes, so I’ll just keep on trucking through life. But if the answer ever changes, then I’ll know exactly where to go!

  2. That book sounds really interesting. I would read it, at least to just see things in a different light.

    By the way, looking at your instagram photos on the right is making me very hungry for food I shouldn’t be eating! haha.

  3. I am really glad that the book was able to ask you the question that could open your eyes to face what you might not have seen. Sometimes the books you least expect to do this, will. I often have felt strange about reading self-help books, then I will often take with me a part of essence of them that does help in some small way.

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