My Triumph Over Addiction

A few days ago I checked my site stats and noticed that someone had found my site by searching for “crazy desperate pathetic friend” and I had no idea how that would relate to anything I’ve written. I was wrong though and it linked to this post from back in 2010, and not just 2010 but this very day back in 2010.

I was reading through this old post that I never remember writing (I was probably in a rant mood about how addicts can be so gross and who the hell smokes other peoples disgusting cigarette butts!) and noticed this paragraph:

So now, I’m sure you’re asking, what is it that I am addicted too? What would make me have a tantrum if I didn’t have t? It is kind of embarrassing really, however many women around the world suffer my fate. Lipgloss. Yes, if I were free of lipgloss for more than 10 hours I might cry. The dry, cracking lips that hurt and yearn for some gloss! I don’t know what breaking point would be for me. Let me know readers. If I had lost my last lip gloss what could I do to ease the pain?

Approximately this time last year I remember feeling like that. I’d been challenged to give up on lipgloss because it was a waste of money and a bunch of random, unpronounceable chemicals I was putting onto my lips hourly. Initially I thought “There is just no way I can do this. My lips need lipgloss and it smells so pretty and all the colours!” but I reluctantly threw all the lipgloss I owned into a drawer and attempted to rise to the challenge.

I made it! I don’t use lipgloss hourly, or daily or even weekly anymore. I have some that I keep for if my lips happen to split or get dry but I don’t rely on it being with me every second of the day like I used too. It was pretty tough for a while though, I had cracked, split lips for weeks and they dried out a lot but eventually, like everything, they adapted back to not needing a constant oily sheen.

I’m so ok with it now that when I moved I found all my old lipgloss in that drawer and threw it all out. I’d forgotten it was even there. So there is hope for all the addicts out there, no matter how small the addiction (by the way, coffee is an addiction.) is that you can get through it and it probably won’t even take as long to get over as it did for me and the dreaded lipgloss.

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  1. I’ll be the first to admit that I am “that guy” who melts down without the coffee, haha. I also used to smoke cigarettes (and did for over 10 years) and just recently quit that. I think it’s important to realize we ALL have a vice whether it’s the stereotypical coffee and a smoke, or if it’s lipgloss!

    Congratulations for breaking your habit! Any habit is so hard to break and it takes a lot of discipline to do it!

  2. 🙂 You can make it in the end, and it is good you were able to beat a problem that was causing you concern. I have a problem with buying lipgloss in pretty containers and not using it. :S

  3. Nice! I think I might have remembered that post from long long ago, vaguely. At least it sounds familiar.

    I have been contemplating drinking coffee in the mornings for a while, since getting enough sleep is challenging for me. But after reading this post, I will keep on pushing myself through without coffee and try to find a better sleep schedule. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Haha, you’re brave! 😉 I don’t know if I read your blog back then, as I had only registered 6birds about five days prior to that post. :p

    I think my addiction is barbeque… I’m not even allowed to have it, but wherever it is, I suddenly want it right then and there. 😡 I think my fingernail-biting habit is worse, though. Especially recently.

  5. Whoa, are you serious? You had a serious addiction…to lipgloss? Well, that’s interesting. I mean, it’s not even a bad thing to be “addicted to” especially since there’s nothing in it that has an addictive substance. If it were .. say tobacco or cocaine, then yeah, that’s definitely an addiction. But lipgloss, really?! Did you just move over to chapstick? I don’t see the harm in using lipgloss daily if it nourishes your lips.

    • It’s less of an addiction and more of a reliance I guess. You ‘nourish’ your lips and then they stop producing anything to keep themselves moisturised. Lipgloss has some bad oils and chemicals in it and can be produced pretty poorly, it’s one of the reasons I stopped using it.
      If you’ve ever used lipbalm/gloss/whatever for an extended period and then stop using it you’ll see what I mean, it doesn’t take long for your lips to dry out and they’re dying just to use some gloss 😛

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