Lost in Space

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Day 21: Did you dream of travelling to the moon when you were a kid? Tell us your thoughts on the moon and space travel

As a kid I really enjoyed learning about the solar system and all the things out in space, and back then Pluto was still considered a real planet. Poor Pluto. That being said, I never considered being an astronaut or travelling to the moon. Really, it’s just too scary and well, the moon looks boring. Low gravity would be neat though.

When I think space travel, I think of the movie Gravity. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be floating endlessly into space and just waiting to die, especially if you were flipping over and over and over and over. I mean seeing the earth from that distance must be awesome but there is just way too much risk involved for me to want to get off this planet.

I also think about the other planets, most notably Jupiter. I think it’s my favourite planet even though it is sort of terrifying. I remember the day I learnt that the ‘Great Red Spot’ was a massive endless storm that was bigger than the earth! It’s so creepy to think our whole planet could be sucked into that storm.. you know, if Jupiter somehow started sucking us into it.

Jupiter – the massive monster that could eat us all

On a side note, Kalliste is actually a variation of Callisto, one of the four largest moons of Jupiter, which were named after the lovers of Zeus.. for some reason. The mythology of it all is pretty cool.

So,  at this point travelling to the moon (or being one of those crazy people volunteering to travel to Mars) is certainly a no go for me. And I’m ok with that.


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  1. That’s cool that your name is actually a variation of Callisto.
    I haven’t watched Gravity yet; I’m afraid it’ll be too boring for us.

  2. I also think that travelling to the moon sounds scary. And now that I’ve watched Gravity I can certainly say I wouldn’t want to go into space!

  3. I honestly thought that I wanted to be an astronaut. Than I realized I was and am afraid of heights. So I don’t think that plan would work out for me. Plus, being in space that long can do serious damage to your body as well. It’s really scary knowing what the unknown is like. Especially with all these movies about it. I wonder how the actors like Sandra Bullock, and all the ones that were in Armageddon, felt doing those types of movies? They’re so believable in them. I’ve always loved learning about the planets and life out there. I mean what if there was extraterrestrials?

    On a side note — I absolutely love how you came up with the name. I also love the Greek Mythology. :).

  4. RE: I really don’t think you are a bad friend. I think you’re just like me…an ambivert. Sometimes social and sometimes you’re not. Nothing wrong with that.

    I’ve lost my friends because they got tired of driving me around and I ended up with stress seizures. At that time I didn’t have a car or a job. So they couldn’t stand driving me around. I was literally pushed away because they kept mentioning to me to get my license. And I kept trying to tell them how would I practice? My dad only has one car. For some reason they didn’t care and always made me feel like I’m nothing and always brought up the fact that I didn’t have my license. There was something wrong with them. Not you or me. So don’t feel bad. I thought it was me too, But it was them and driving me away.

  5. My husband watched Gravity without me. Blah him. Lol He said it was great and that there were points that would have scared me. I believe him. He knows me too well.

    I too, love space and the solar system, but I’m not ready to be a physicist or astronomer because of that math and science. MATH! But if I really want to be it, I know I can. Maybe one day. It’s a dream of mine.

    Love your name and mythology in general.

  6. I agree, too much risk. The view would be amazing, but I’d want to know for a fact that nothing would possibly happen and no one can promise me that. Haha.

  7. Jupiter is my favorite planet, too! I did a report on it in like, fifth grade and have been fascinated by it ever since. I was just so intrigued by the Great Red Spot!

    I’m still bummed Pluto got booted out of the solar system as a planet, too. I know it’s technically still IN the solar system… but just not as a planet, and that makes me sad 🙁

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