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  • Ciao for Now (or ever)

    It turns out my motivation at completing writing prompts is pretty low. In the beginning of the month I was going to do a bunch of the posts and liked the ideas and then it never happened. Early in October I went to Melbourne and I was going to blog about the adventure but I […]

  • Easier to handle

    If you’re keeping up with my blog you will have noticed that my last 2 posts were book reviews. You might also have noticed I have rarely done this in the past. Well, last year I attempted my 210 in 2010 which I believe I probably completed but I ended up getting too lazy to […]

  • Success!

    At my work we don’t get a lot of discounts or cost price offers – I was, I’ll admit, hoping for really cheap domain names but it wasn’t to be – however, something we DO get is a few free hosting accounts to play with. I have a reseller Plesk plan – something which I’d […]

  • A little facelift

    Yes! I was thinking of making a new layout but everything I looked at for inspiration, while beautiful (like these I love her style!), just wasn’t me. In the end I decided to change the colour (though, later when I thought about it. I always get comments that my layout is very halloween so perhaps […]

  • What a day/week/month

    Phew. I wasn’t sure if this week, or weeks, would end! It has been an incredible rollercoaster that I’ve been on in the past 2 weeks. The ups were full of stomach butterflies and the downs were full of… stomach butterflies but bigger mean ones. I have survived it though and here I am on […]