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  • It Broke…

    Yes, the insane heatwave we had for about a week finally broke. This time last week was about 33°C (91.4°F) and rising! Today I don’t think we even hit 20°C and it was raining… beautiful beautiful rain! No humidity, no blistering, sweat inducing sun just fresh, delightful air! And yet, not everyone can be pleased. […]

  • Phew! *Sigh of relief*

    Yikes, where has Lazily been? Up, down and around… however, this time only slightly to do with my host. Ok, much to do with them but not for the reason you’re thinking 😀 After 2 weeks of being with HostCrave they decided the server they were on wasn’t stable enough to stay with so transferred […]

  • And so I escaped that sinking ship

    Edit: So, I’ve cancelled my PH account and today I think made peace with Jonno. I understand where he is coming from but still don’t agree with how he is running PH. This is probably the best solution. So it turns out that my first ‘hosting me’ experience was less than ideal. Initially, the support […]

  • We’re live in 3… 2… 1…

    Edit: A little tweak here and a head scratching there and things look to be working *fingers crossed* The issues I found were: 1. Comments worked (YAY!) but I got spammed (BOO!) and then Akismet saved me (YAY!) 2. My feed broke and I really am not sure why but it’s working again (I think… […]

  • Up… Down… Up…?

    So Lazily has been down a bit recently. Unfortunately, there is not much of anything I can do about it. My host is having issues lately and what with only 1 support person it’s getting a bit annoying. Especially, seeing that said support person isn’t as dedicated as I’d like. The plus side is some […]