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  • Websites are hard mkay?

    This week I’ve learnt and also, frustratingly not learnt, how to do some new things on the world of the web. Recently, my partner decided he wanted a website (again) and so we got to work on it and here is where we have gotten currently. He also has a forum attached which is phpBB. […]

  • We’re Evolving

    For the first time in the history of Lazily there is a comprehensive (well, comparatively speaking) “About” section, One for me (Mistress) and one for Lazily (Domainatrix). Tell me if you think the name Domainatrix is clever or stupid by the way 🙂 Writing Mistress was actually quite hard, I just don’t know what to […]

  • Hello World!

    Edit: You can hear me! And for the first time in a week I have been able to access Lazily from home. So what happened? Apparently my hosts host got hacked and everything went haywire. Rerun were onto it though and fixed much of everything in about 3 or 4 days (over the easter long […]

  • All Shook Up

    Yesterday I toiled over my PC and came up with a new layout for Lazily. This is the first that I’ve made in a long, long time. To the point where I don’t know enough any more. I had some assistance though. I used‘s template Clean and editted and moved and this and that […]

  • So Squeaky Clean

    Oh my woah! Will you look at Lazily? So Squeaky Clean my friends! It’s all pink and blue and beautiful. Alas, though, I did not make it myself. It is a free theme that I stole.. well borrowed, with permission. I thought it was time for something new and fresh and I didn’t have the […]